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About Fallen Angels/Full Disclosure
Hollywood Insiders: Fallen Angels started as a documentary named "What makes the light: Starwars Unveiled." Starwars Unveiled focused on The man who would be king, George Lucas' StarWars, and their masonic and Illuminist messages. Starwars Unveiled also revealed Darth Vader's real identity as Jesus Christ. Knowing Starwars was more than it seemed, I began looking for copies of that story as well. I found those copies retold The Matrix and Harry Potter. What Makes the light: Hollywood Insiders, the second version of Starwars Unveiled, would build a similar case against The Matrix and Harry Potter. With Starwars as a copy of The Man who would be king, and The Matrix and Harry Potter as a copy of Starwars, I would eventually add 3 more retellings into What makes the light: Final Edition( The Simpsons, Stargate, The Road to El Dorado ). Although complete regarding content, Hollywood Insiders and Final Edition, were poorly formatted and needlessly long. After finding yet another copy of The man who would be king, Dogma, I set about making the documentary from scratch, more convincingly presented, and focused on brevity. Hollywood Insiders Fallen Angels, the fourth version of Starwars Unveiled, was the result.

After finding out about the NWO, I saw a few documentaries that cited this movie named "The Man who would king." The few and short clips I did see of the movie included Sean Connery adorned with the All-seeing eye. Initially resistant to the notion from gaining anything tangible about the NWO from a movie, I finally sat down and watched this much talked-about movie. I was totally taken back by the tone that the movie was not only made in, but the underlying story itself. From the first moments of the movie, the symbolism, messages, and ( I've come to suspect ) subliminal messages were poured on thick. Some parts gave me the chills and affected me in strange ways ( especially those scenes which included Gregorian-like chanting, and animals and children suffering ). There was something terrifying about this movie, but I could not put my finger on it. One thing I was certain of, was that Danny [ Sean Connery ] was playing a messiah's role. A normal man, less than godly, clearly mistaken for someone else who was expected to come. Mid-way through the movie, I noticed trumpets, and committed to counting their occurrences in the movie when I watched it again ( which, by then, I had also committed to do ). I was becoming suspicious that I was hearing a biblical retelling. When I heard Danny say to his new wife:"You won't perish," I was 100% sure. I had seen enough, I knew what I was looking at now, Satan and/or The Antichrist.

Interesting, indeed. But didn't compel me to any conclusions. So a guy who I've come to learn was in the Illuminati ( Rudyard Kipling ) writes a story of Satan and the antichrist. So what? The only thing that shocked me about that was how they were depicted: two schemers who got luckly, and then got their comeuppance ( as opposed to heroes ). Because, embedded within Kipling's ending, is the admittance that Satan loses; I found this baffling (the Illuminati being so, uhhhh, partial to Satan ). Interesting, indeed. Kipling's regurgitation of the Book of genesis and Revelation didn't mean too much because, outside of his telling, I had no reference points to the symbolism he chose. That wouldn't last......

Eventually I would find myself studying the fallen angels. In the hope of establishing a solid fallen angels/gods/annunaki connection, I came to read texts outside of the Bible ( and further, had to stretch myself into believing that they too were authentic ). Stumbling across the Book of Enoch, it was almost like deja vu.
  • the signing of a contract before departure
  • the fallen angels given something that would make humans tremble
  • the teaching of weapons and war.
  • the taking of a wives
  • a sub-commander who's taken out to a desert and cast into a pit
  • cast into a pit 20,000 miles deep ( bottomless pit, abyss ).
  • A leader who gets burned

It all seemed so familiar. And that's when Kipling's real story became clear; he wasn't [ just ] telling the story of Satan and the Antichrist, this is the story of the fallen angels from the Book of Enoch. Writen in the context of 2 men in the 19th century instead of a group of 200 in ancient times. A clever cross between the serpent of eden, the fallen angels of enoch, and satan and the antichrist from Revelation and Daniel. What's more, I had also discovered who was who, and realized that Semyaza and Azazel ( although representing all 200 ) were the two specific characters from Enoch. I began to wonder whether this Illuminati insider was giving me clues that Azazel=antichrist and Semyaza=Satan. My first reference points. Interesting indeed, but not much more.

Slowly I was expanding my definition of "inspired texts." This led me straight to the Quran and the sunnah. Filled with stories of shape-shifters and the "mothman" ( Draco ) aliens, I became convinced that there was something to be learned from it. In Islam, the antchrist is described as: caucasian, muscular, blind in one eye, and friends with a hairy being. A being described to be so hairy that one could not tell his front from his back. They call this being "Al- Jassasah," which means the assassin.I found such references interesting, because in the movie The Man who would be king, "Danny" [ the antichrist ] was described as:"A big man with long-grey sideburns, a great swell he is...", and also at one point goes temporary blind.

I was at the same time absorbing research from Michael Tsarion and Jordan Maxwell. Tsarion, in Atlantis and Genetic Manipulation briefly mentions the Djedhi, described as "a race of powerful Druids with magical powers." The remark ( needless to say ) brought my mind to George Lucas' Starwars. That's when I remembered a small clip of Jordan Maxwell in the documentary "The Illuminati" talking about how high-level Freemasons actually believed in Yoda.

It's worth noting that although Mr. Maxwell said the "reference works" that backup this claim can be "found in any library," I was unable ( for the life of me ) to locate any Freemasonic references to Yoda ( outside of taking his word on it, which I'm not in to). it bothered me that I could not confirm Jordan Maxwell's research because I found his word associations sometimes absurd, conclusions that were 5 steps ahead of the facts, specious logic was frequent, and "vagueries" like "reference works" whilst not actually citing himself further discredited him. But alas, it appeared his lead was correct.

These two connections, combined with the Islamic references to the hairy friend, I thought Starwars may be one of "those movies." Those "hidden-in-plain-sight while we clapped like seals" kinda movies. So I watched starwars episode 4-6 over and over again. But I didn't quite get it. Han, Luke, Yoda, Chewy, these were heroes. But according to my theory, they were in reality the bad guys. There seemed to be no harmony.

Then I decided to let go of George Lucas' version of who the good and bad guys are. I decided to go completely occult; black was white, white was black, up was down, down was up, good was bad, bad was good. So I said: lets assume he made a hero of the antichrist ( who was friends with the hair being ), lets assume Yoda isn't so great in reality, and lets assume that Vader was actually a good guy. Now what do I see? The truth...

I decided to push my luck further by seeing whether Danny, who I suspected was playing the role of the antichrist in The man who would be King, and Han Solo, the guy with the hairy friend, had anything in common. When viewing the movies and two characters in that light, the similarities were glaring. In some scenes, it even appeared George Lucas went out of his way to make Han and Danny alike. I knew I was on to something.

Finally, a theory and reference points. But, if followed to its logical conclusion, my theory would suggest that Vader was playing Jesus or God; somehow, someway, the leader of heaven. But Vader wasn't likely to be God because he seemed to be taking orders from another character. So Jesus seemed like the primary candidate, but little detail is given about Darth Vader in episodes 4-6, aside from vague references to his subordinates having a "lack of faith." So, knowing that episodes 1-3 were about his life and youth, I watched them.

Question asked. Question answered. There was no missing it:
  • an immaculate conception
  • found by a wiseman, by the will of "the force"
  • called "the chosen one" almost immediately
  • exceedingly powerful
  • obsessed with using his power to save lives
  • rejected by temple leaders
  • raids a temple
  • puts down a rebellion
  • "if you're not with me, you're against me"
Now I hadn't been to church in 15 years, but considering I had a pre-existing theory, and just enough memory of the Bible to know what to look for, I couldn't miss it. And further, couldn't imagine everyone else missing the obvious for so long. His mother even looks like every Mary I had ever seen [ been depicted ]. Symbolism, everywhere. I then wondered if there was anything to the casting of Starwars. Reviewing the history of each actors, I eventually stumble upon Pernilla August; Pernilla August was the woman Lucas choose to play Vader's mother. And as it turned out, she played in a movie called "Mary, mother of Jesus" the same year she played "Shmi" [ Darth Vader's mother ] for the first time. I looked into what role she played in the movie Mary, Mother of Jesus ( already knowing in my heart ), and of coarse she played as Mary. An immaculate conceiver twice in one year? C'mon George, give us a break. So, lets review...

  • Yoda=Freemasonic hero
  • DJedhi=real
  • Han Solo=Danny=Azazel=antchrist
  • Luke="Peachy"=Semyaza
  • Chewbacca=Al-Jassasah
  • Vader=Jesus
  • Shmi=Mary
This was becoming quite a web. And I still didn't know the half of it...

Being convinced that the two characters from The Man who would be King could be found in any movie, I kept my eyes open for copies of what was clearly the Illuminati's favorite story. one by one, they arrived. Stargate, Dogma, The Road To El Dorado, and The Simpsons episode "Homer The Great." I was also open to Starwars copies, and found just that in The Matrix and Harry Potter. Certain they all in fact the same story, I set about tying them together. That effort would end up being called Hollywood Insiders: Fallen angels.

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