The Fiction Paradox

The "fiction" paradox

There is a deception of the highest order underway. A bullshit-spectacular happening on every channel, in every newspaper. Our classrooms have become halls of mirrors, showing us a distorted reality no matter which direction the glance goes. And when we look to our institutions for increasingly deeper truth, all we find is increasingly bigger lies. And how much a person has become misled can be easily measured in hours of exposure to CNN, university lectures, and the discovery channel. Yea, my brothers and sisters, we label even fact and fiction askew.

In some stories, anything can happen. In other stories, only that which can be explained between the covers of a high school physics book may occur. If a man were to shape shift into a rocking-chair in a movie like "Meet the parents," utter confusion would sweep the theatre. The movie patrons would glance at each other, hoping to be comforted by the sight of other baffled patrons. The viewers of a Harry Potter movie on the other hand would not be caught off guard by shape-shifting rocking chair, in fact they welcome it. Now we consider movies like Meet the parents more practically based, in that the movie's occurrences follow within the relative framework of the "scientific laws," where nothing paranormal happens. By consequence, we consider movies like Harry potter "more fictitious" than movies like Meet the parents, and therefore less worthy of analysis. Then, for stories even more colorful, we have another genre that is even further from fact than fiction is, and we call this category "Fantasy."

But the real reality includes shape shifting. It includes demons, includes aliens, includes extra-dimensions, includes magic, includes distant worlds, includes technologies unseen by the eyes of men. Could it be that the only kind of story that could ever reflect reality is that which we have relegated to "fantasy"? Is fantasy the only reality, while the rest, just a hall of mirrors? A world without the paranormal and mysterious, now that's the fantasy.

So if you asked whether it ever bothers me that I'm analyzing fiction, I say "Yes, of coarse, I'd rather be analyzing fantasy."

So it goes that only the most far-out fantasies could ever depict the truth. This is why it is easier to reveal more in comic books than in more "adult" tales. Further, the viewer, whose distanced from the story ( being that it doesn't even remotely resemble their everyday life ), is willing to hear anaything, and analyze nothing. Sadly, "common sense" cannot not so much as approach the reality of "nonsense."

In this lies the explaination for something else. The frequently made comments that seem strange and out of place. Often in movies, things are said that don't make any sense, and jokes are told that just aren't funny. But maybe they're funny to somebody. ( aside from the glassy-eyed waddler that laughs at everything ). Just as you (may have) saw in Full Disclosure, the Illuminati have a parallel story going on; a parallel culture, with an entire array of symbols and code words. Each symbol designates to the insider who or what they're looking at.

Even places, such as those that are run-down, deserts, prisons, underwater or at sea, extremely dark, islands, extremely high, and extremely cold are in fact hints to insiders regarding far-off and, in some cases, extra-dimensional places. ( believe it! ). In the Illiminati's palette, lies enough symbols to tell 2 parallel stories of any type, in any medium, with any characters, and any settings.

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