So why the repeating story?

So, why the repeating story?
Ahhh, the oft-asked question. Well, lemmie save you some time. The Illuminati is privy to secretly kept traditions. These teachings include:
  • Earth's true history
  • The history of the cosmos
  • The nature of spirits, spells, magic, and extra-dimensions
  • The major ball-players in this massive spiritual battle that has been going on for ages; detailed descriptions of "gods" who have fought with humanity, fought against humanity, and fought eachother. And each god's many names throughout the mythologies.
  • The literal version of historical and prophetic events which were written symbolically.

Because every member of the Illuminati is briefed on these matters, these are stories they are likely to retell. This initiaited knowledge includes the various gods and their respective personalities and histories. With everyone drawing from a single source of events, personalities types and character histories, it is inevitable that 2 retellings will eventually resemble eachother to such the extent as to betray both encodings; as was seen with The Man who would be king, Stargate, and The road to El Dorado. My audio commentary regarding this matter.

You wouldn't be here if you weren't open-minded. But the grim reality is more than even you'd believe; more than Full Dislosure can express. If counting the top 50 movies of any given year, I estimate that 60-75% of those movies were in fact retellings of no more than 7 "gods." ( I know :-( I know :-( ). But think of it this way, look how close, and how far, The Man who would be King and The road to El Dorado were. Close in that they had a nearly identical storyline. Far because of their release date, the target demographic, and endings. Also, one is a film, while the other is a cartoon. Those two gentlemen from The man who would be king can be found in buddy movies, romantic comedies, and (of coarse) gore, horror, action, and suspence films. Do they not put symbolism in 60-75% of their publications, logos, etc? Is this not how they do all things?

There is also a predictive programming angle in all this. If you notice, almost all the copies of the anti-christ spied in Full Disclosure were portrayed as heroes; even in Hellboy's case, whose identity was openly the Anti-christ, the beast, ad Dajjal. This character is often seen redeeming himself, as opposed to failing the moral test ( as Christianity, and Islam suggest ).

C'mon Ricin, vampires? Yeah, ya' heard me. That's vampires with a "V", by the way. If blood-drinking and a serpent-associated bloodline hasn't surfaced once in your research, somewhere between my class and NWO 101, you missed a class. These are the remants of nephilim, the children of the fallen angels. A bloodline becoming ever-more dilute, and using inbreding to maintain the last traces of the fallen angel's seed. And they aren't alone. In fact, our world is cluttered with beings the "experts" don't acknowledge.

The list of character attributes for the anti-christ, given at the end of Full Disclosure, is not simply derived from the movies used in the documentary. You can use that template to find the anti-christ in almost any film. Do not wait for the obvious, such as being mistaken for a god, or coming back to life. Those parts of the anti-christ's character may not be able to fit within the contructs and context of a particular film. Carry those character attributes with you like a template and you will find more. Indiana Jones, Jason Bourne, Capt. Jack Sparrow, Wolverine. [wink, wink, hint, hint].

So, why do they do it? If you knew the details of these mysteries, wouldn't you?

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