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Transformation Part-1



Throughout history man has sought to become the equals of god. To know what god knows, and do as god does. Science and technology is just one manifestation of man's never-ending pursuit for mastery over his environment. And for the Illuminati specifically, life-extension technologies and total information awareness serve to bridge the gap between themselves and godhood.


But there is another road to god-hood, a road the Illuminati are all too familiar with, whose existence is one of their most closely guarded secrets, and that's transformation into the body of light. Utilizing both technology and magic, the Illuminati intend on completing the process of self-deification.


Transformation into the body of light has been a ritual practiced in all parts of the world for thousands of years, and still only the privileged elite even know of it's existence. It goes under many names, but it's most well known alias is George Lucas' "Jedi." The Jedi, or the DJedi were an secretive order of magicians in ancient Egypt who had been transformed into new kind of beings with magically abilities.


The ureas, the serpent adorned headpiece that was often seen on Egyptian Pharaohs and Gods, was a symbol of those who had under gone this ritual. The serpent was placed over the forehead because the forehead was the location of the third eye. The serpent was used because it symbolized those who had the Kunda lini, or inner serpent, raised from the base of their spine, up through the chakras, and placed into their foreheads. Djed means "spinal column".



In this rite, the initiate would be led blindfolded into the very center of the pyramid of Giza, where they would lay in a sarcophagus, which is like a giant coffin. From there, while clinically dead, certain incantations are said over the coffin. 3 days later, the person would be reborn as a Djedi, with abilities that we would associated wit powerful warlocks.




They experience the world through the eyes and abilities of a spirit, yet still have flesh. They could create objects at will, move objects from far, move at incredible speeds, have extra-sensory perception, telepathy, the ability to see spirits, and also complete control of their astral bodies, allowing them to tear their soul away from its fleshly encasing at will and send their astral bodies to distance places in the universe.



Today, this ritual of the body transformation is reenacted by the masons and skull-n-bones. In fact, you've seen it before. When someone is initiated into the 33rd degree of freemasonry, they are blindfolded, and lowered into a pyramid. After the initiate has taken the oath, his mask is removed and he "receives the light". But this is not just a figurative light of knowledge, but reborn in literal light.





Alan moores film "From hell" staring Johnny depp, is about an investigator who smokes opium to receive visions of the future and past. Against him, is a series of murders perpetrated and concealed by the freemasons; who occupy all the significant seats of power in 19th century London. The movies, aside from countless Masonic compasses and all-seeing eyes, depicts a reenactment of this most secretive ritual.


[from hell, receive light]






At Yale University's skull n bones, initiates are placed in a coffin, where they reveal their deepest secrets, and are afterwards told that they are reborn as bonesmens. They are also told that they are now superior to earth's human population, and use war and suffering to control the planet.




In movies like the skulls, this ritual is cryptically depicted as the main character, a new initiate to the skulls, is asked whether he ready to be reborn, after which he is drugged, and wakes up in coffin along with other prospective skull n bones initiates.

[skulls, reborn]



Many terms that I believe are really just alternate names of this transformation, and its recipients, are: The reborn, Black Flame, those who have risen, the resurrected, assuming god form, self-deification, black pilgrimage, the oath, Dragon body, the initiated, vampire, warlocks, druids, and of coarse Jedi. This conversion usually happens within large structures like pyramids and on Lye lines.



The masons and the Illuminati have long used the phoenix in their symbolism. This is because, the phoenix is a symbol of death and rebirth. In 1993's Warlock: The Armageddon, this ritual is nakedly displayed as the main character, Kenny Travis, is deliberately killed by his father so that he may be brought back to life possessing magical powers.

[warlock, killkenny.lol]




Then his girlfriend, and daughter of the town preacher, insists on undergoing the same ritual so that she may fight at his side with similar abilities.

[warlock, reborn]



One book that mentions the DJedi, and the many names they've had throughout the centuries, is called "The return of the serpents of wisdom." The book's main focus is the reverence for serpents that exists in each human culture and how the gods have always been associated with the serpent. Mankind's relationship with the reptile is a strange one indeed.


Humans have a natural aversion to reptiles. There are few creatures we would sooner kill in order to spare the life of a snake. Dogs, cats, bunny rabbits, dolphins, in fact humans more often than not would rather see a snake die than just about any mammal on the planet. And yet, humans have, since ancient times, venerated the serpent and associated it with wisdom, godly powers, and the gods themselves. Even Jesus said to be wise as serpents, while every other reference of the serpent in the bible was unanimously negative.



The return of the serpents of wisdom is kind of new-agey, so the wise step lightly, but the book's cover is quite revealing. You have a body, made of fire, receiving energy from 2 all seeing eyes inside pyramids. Hovering above with the help of what appears to be the wings of the phoenix. Inside of the transformed man, the caduceus, or twin serpents. A picture truly is worth a 1000 words.


[gen 3:4;3:5]

And the serpent said unto the woman, Ye shall not surely die: For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil.






But here's another picture that's worth a thousand words. It's a card from Steve jacksons cardgame Illuminati the game of conspiracy. the cards name is "unmasked" and the caption below reads: There is a secret of our cabal that even you of the twelfth circle have not known, until now. Now to understand the magnitude of this card, you'll need a bit of context.



Take a look a some of the other cards in steve jacksons game. this card game, whose final goal is world domination, was created by an admitted magician named steve Jackson. In 1990 steve Jacksonís company was raided by the secret service and 3 years later he would create a website hosting company called Illuminati online. In 1995 the card game was released, and later in 1999, George Bush's presidential campaign website was hosted by steve jackson's Illuminati online.




The game has hundreds of cards like this, and now that you have a taste of what those other cards must look like, ask yourself why steve jackson has a card for every person, method, technology, and organization the Illuminati have ever used, letting it all hang out with pyramids, all seeing eyes, and 666 everywhere. And yet this card, means seemingly nothing, and yet claims to show one of their cabal's most deepest secrets. That because it is my friends, so much so that even in steve jacksons shameless cardgame, he remains vague, so that only those who should know the card's meaning, DO know the card's meaning.



Most of us are familiar with the theme of a devilish version of one's self sitting on one shoulder and their angelic copy sitting on the other. But there's a thread of truth to this. Each person is assigned both a demon counterpart and an angelic counterpart. The demon counterpart whispers dark thoughts into the mind, encouraging it do evil, while the angelic counterpart, or guardian angel, encourages you to do righteous things and protects you from things unseen. This transformation of the body involves the merger of yourself, your demonic, and angelic counterpart into a single body.






In previous documentaries like Hollywood Insiders Full Disclosure, I've accused George Lucas of not only taking characters from religions and mythology, but also of having reversed the heroes and villains. A documentary called "the illuminati," for instance, had a clip of Jordan Maxwell claiming that freemasons actually believe in a character called yoda, and receive guidance from him. Unfortunately, and as usual, Maxwell failed to report where he got this information.




He also claimed the "reference works" he was citing from could be found in any library, which is absolutely false. still, even a broken clock is right twice a day. Then, you have darth Vader, who I claimed was actually Jesus Christ. Among the many parallels between the life of darth vader and jesus were: immaculately conceived, storms a temple, declared the chosen one then rejected, becomes the leader of a large army, among many more.



I also spoke about Chewbacca actually being al jassasah, who was a hairy beast that, according to Islam, is friends with the anti-Christ. Further, accused Hon Solo of BEING that anti-christ.... no time to explain. And now, we can add Jedi to the pile. The Book the return of the serpents of wisdom, just like George Lucas, also claims that Jesus christ was a Jedi. But don't listen to me, here's George Lucas TELLING you that his stories are in fact old myth put in a sci-fi context.


[georgy boy]





Spirits Part-5



There are 3 main types of spirits. Angels, Demons, and elementals. Angels, like Demons and elementals, can be conjured, invoked, and communicated with. Angels are mostly benevolent and are sometimes unwilling to execute evil commands; because they, like all spirits, prefer doings tasks are similar to their personality. Most, but not all demons are spirits trapped in a bottomless pit while other demons are free roaming, and take pleasure in being sent off to do evil.




Elementals are spirits who are neither exclusively bad or good and roam the Earth freely. They too, can be conjured and instructed to complete certain tasks. Almost all spirits, with maybe the exception of elementals, exist in a strict hierarchy. One must always be careful to never assign a spirit to do what is outside of their intellect and power. Spirits, like us, also even have gender.



Spirits view the earth as a 3 dimensional living environment. Multitudes of spirits live in the sky, the ocean, underground, and even among us in our own homes. Most spirits insist on living in deserted places where no humans walk. Regardless of their type, spirits, like humans, have their own personality. Some are pleasant, while others are forever hostile to each other and mankind. Even spirits with extremely low intelligence may be capable of remembering all that they have ever seen in their hundreds, if not thousands, of years.







The demons have been placed in servitude, and the chains for this servitude are the very symbols and procedures we call magic. Those symbols and procedures are complicated, and they have to be. Everyday, people mindlessly doodle symbols while chatting on the phone or sitting in class. Everyday, words are rearranged in endless combinations forming sentences never said before. Luckily, and quite deliberately, the conjuring of a spirit or the casting of a spell, has been placed far beyond the realms of accidental. The arbitrary nature of magic's proceedings in to ensure that it was an act of freewill, and nothing less.



Each demon has a specific symbol associated with it. And further, there are some symbols that can injure a demon, and other symbols and charms that demons can sense nearby even if they are concealed. All magic books have a section on the banishment of the spirits, or what is often called license to depart.



The word 'demon' has been a bit overused through the years. Demon is a blanket term we have given to all malevolent, intelligent beings regardless of their form. When a spirit inhabits and possesses a person, we call it a demon. When we witness a ghastly creature with red, glowing eyes for instance, we call it a demon. But demons come in shades of gray, some more material than others.


Sometimes demons are often described as soul travelers. Spoke of as if their motionless material body lies idle in some far off distant place while their astral projection roams free among us, causing illness, strife, and feeding off the life-force that human emits when experiencing intense emotions like fear, lust, and anger. These very same emotions also open a portal to the mind, where the demons' whispering can become even more influential. Being in a dream state can also open the mind gate.



Some demons can only feed on anger, and consequently, will incite fights and cause bad dreams to induce fear. Other demons feed off of lust, and will whisper lustful thoughts and will even descend upon a sleeping victim to cause wet dreams. Sometimes, when babies cry endlessly for no reason, they are being tormented by a demon. And even cats, who magicians have long used as spirit detectors, can sense beings the human eye cannot.


Demons, like all creatures, prefer doing deeds that are agreeable to their personality. So naturally, the demons delight in being sent off to do dirty jobs. Vague commands leave room for a demons natural mischief, so your orders must be specific. You commands must include intent, with a limited target and timeframe.



Demons exist within a strict heirarchy..and often when you assign one demon to do a certain task he may in fact hand that assignment to one of his subordinates. Many Christians and Muslims believe that there are only 3 main characters who play a part in the end times, Satan, christ, and the antichrist.. but the truth is there are many more entities involved here.



Even though Satanists use terminology from almost all known religions, the names of the highest ranking demons are for the most part universal. Names like... Satan, Moloch, Lucifer, Baal, Belial, Samael, Lilith, Leviathan, azazel,Tiamat, Set, Asterot, Beelzebub, and asmodeus.




Muslims and magicians consider King Solomon of Israel to have been one of the most powerful magicians ever. Solomon was said to have power over all the demons and spirits of the earth. It is said that king Solomon could, through the power of god, force any demon to do anything he wanted. Further, magicians, muslims, and even apocryphal texts like the testament of solomon, claim that many of the builders of Solomonís temple were in fact demons. The Freemasons have longed claimed an association with the builders of solomon's temple..

[man king, solomon]








Satanists are followers of what is called the Left Hand Path. The basic premise of the left hand path is self-deification. Where, using body transformation and magic, the luciferian seeks to become as god and acknowledges no right and wrong. For the luciferian, do as thou wilt is the whole of the law. An entire religion founded upon demon worship and the predatory instinct. Lucefians are encouraged to abandon their human traits, and the emotional baggage the accompanies it.




The muslims, perhaps out of spite for satanists, follow the right hand path. To such the extent that they even insist on doing things like eating and dressing with the right hand. Muslims are encouraged to do as much as possible in their daily life using the right hand. while their left hand has been resigned to the dirty jobs. They also believe that a persons demon counterpart, which is the opposite of a guardian angel, always resides invisibly on that person's left side.




Modern luciferians, Like Michael W. Ford author of lucerferian sorcery, are also familiar with DJedi, but they refer to the jedi as vampires. Vampires are converted humans who, after the correct ritual, become a new kind of being with extra-sensory perception and a need to feed off of human life-force. While sleeping, the astral body of a vampire parts with his physical body, allowing him to travel anywhere he chooses.



The astral body of these beings roam at night and descend upon sleeping humans, where they steal the sleeping person's life-force. Vampires do not need to sacrifice animals or people during rituals, because they are capable of giving the life-force they collected from humans instead.



[Michael ford]






The chamber where one intends on doing a ritual should be clean. The ritual chamber should be as dark and far away from other people as possible, ideally at night. If the ritual site is indoors, there should be no hanging things above you. This way, if the spirits arrives bringing wind, objects will not be falling upon those present. Every kind of spirit has a specific method of calling, and this calling must be done at the right time, and in the right way. Often, a circle is drawn on the ground, and symbols are placed around this circle.




These symbols, usually composed of 5 and 6 pointed stars, are placed around the circle relative to the points on the compass; so that some symbols are placed on the east side of the circle, some on the west, and so on. What's more, even certain incantations must be said while facing in certain directions. An alter is usually placed at the center of the circle, and it is this alter where the spirit will make his appearance. Often the magician will stand inside the circle, conjuring on the outside. The circle, together with the symbols drawn around it, keep the spirit bound in that region and serves to protect the magician. The magician may also have symbols and charms located on their body as further protection. One of the most common symbols used is the pentacle.




When the spirit arrives, the atmosphere of the chamber will change. The ritual site, whether indoors or outside, may become windy. The chamber may become noisy, and an over-powering stench may accompany this wind and noise. Other indications that the spirit is present include: ringing in ears, tingling of fingertips and face, a misty fog that fills the room, and of coarse standard poltergeist activity.



Then, the spirit should be commanded to speak softly and in the native tongue of the magician. Some spirits have a voice thatís horse and unsoothing while others speak in a naturally pleasant tone. Spirits appear in many forms, and the same spirit may even appear in different forms. The magician should ask the spirit to take on a form that is not repulsive because many spirits arrive as hideous beasts. Group magic is always stronger than spells cast by a single magician, so the more the better.




Mysteriously, spirits are easier to see with a aid of a mirror. An arriving spirit may appear in a mirror first, and then become visible directly. Communicating with spirits using a mirror is called skyring. After the spirit has heard your commands, you must give him license to depart. Magicians always end a summoning or evocation with banishments. Even black magicians, who speak to demons with the highest respect, have intense fear of those whom they have summoned.








Jack Parsons for instance, the famous rocket engineer and black magician, failed to completely banish the spirits he called upon. His failing to completely close the gate led to poltergeist activity, where he and other members of his coven, were attacked and harassed. The spirits hurled projectiles at Jack and his friends, and even managed to start a fire.




Jack Parsons, who renamed himself the anti-christ, even conjured an entity who identified herself as the whore of Babylon. This spirit told Parsons that she would one day manifest herself in flesh during the end times. Jack described babylon as a red-head of incredible beauty and intellect.




In other texts of Black magic, the scarlet woman that Parsons evoked is called Lilith. He also claimed that at the age of 13, he conjured satan into visible form, where he sent his astral body into the abyss, and returned to earth renaming himself as the antichrist. This trip into the abyss, which Jack Parsons called The black Pilgrimage, may simply be another name for body-transformation.

The present age is under the influence of a force, in magical terminology, Horus. It's manifestations may be noted in the destruction of old institutions and ideas, the discovery and liberation of new energies, and a trend towards power governments, war, homosexuality, infantilism, and schizophrenia.








Magic offers many abilities that do not require permanent body transformation. Magic can cause stormy weather, terrible winds, lightning, and even earthquakes. With the correct spells, one may render themselves invisible and even fly. There are spells that can provide nearly instant transport for the magicians physical body to exceedingly remote places.




The magician can inquire spirits about the location of hidden things, people, and even treasure. The magician may can also consult with spirits regarding events in the distant past, near future, and even in distant places. Aging is simply a series of small injuries that don't heal to 100%, but using witchcraft, injuries of the larger sort may be corrected. This kind magic offers its user yet another effective method for life-extension.




Some spells allow the magician to shapeshift, making him appear as anything from an animal to a small child, or as stated earlier, completely invisible. Spirits can be assigned duties that involve causing strife and discord among lovers and even whole organizations. Also, many spirits are extremely talented in the sciences and liberal arts, and can aid the magician in these types of endeavors. They can make him a good poet, speaker, singer, musician, and perhaps in Jack Parsons' case, a brilliant scientist.





FINAL Part-12




Hollywood Insiders Illuminati esotera is, for the most part, a sequel to magick and the matrix; with further supporting info to be found in Hollywood Insiders Dark stars and full disclosure. Well friends, I hope you found this video eye opening. I also hope you have the wisdom to realize just how serious it's message really is. And now that I've taught you some of what I know, it's your turn to teach others what you know. Take care, and thanks for watching.

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