Hollywood Insiders: Full Disclosure (Script)


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SEG 1.1

It's been said that fiction is a projection of reality. That it's simply the conjuring of a novelist who expresses our deepest fears, ambitions, beliefs, and ideals in a tangible form, such as a book or film. The art of a period is usually a reflection of the period itself and novelists routinely draw from real places, real events, real facts, and real issues of the day.

But what if they drew from real people. Take your own life for instance. Your life could easily be retold as anything from a comic book to a 19th century adventure film, paintings, sculptures, songs, the works. Over and over again, the story of you is told. And as long as the contexts and settings were different enough from previous retellings, no one would notice. Well, almost no one.

SEG 1.2

There are some who have noticed a pattern. A pattern too frequent to be an accident, too consistent to be coincidence, and too prevalent to ignore. A reoccurring theme, increasingly willing to unveil itself.

The symbolism in question is that of a secret society known as the Illuminati, a group associated with black magic, satanism, and believed by many to be behind much of humanity's bloody past, and its ominous future. A group who commonly uses eyes, pyramids, suns, and snakes in its symbolism. And not shy about drawing imagery from the bible and Egyptian mythology, either.

SEG 1.3

But to discover these symbols' meaning is hopeless by analyzing a single retelling. With the context and window of the timeline having been altered, it's difficult to discover what parts of the retelling are literal, which are symbolic, and which ones were simply added to tweak the story far enough away from previous retellings.

But if we instead concern ourselves with only the overlapping aspects of these stories, the meaning surrounding this symbolism becomes clearer.

SEG 1.4

There is hardly a single soul who hasn't entertained the thought that Hollywood might be running out of stories. But maybe they're not running out of stories, maybe they're running out of ways of telling the same story. Because if you were telling the life of just a few people repeatedly, that's EXACTLY what would happen.

Man king -2


SEG 2.1

When looking for the most blatant use of masonic and illuminst symbolism, one need only see The man who would be king. The man who would be king was released in 1975, but the short story it's based on was written in 1888, by Rudyard Kipling. It's a story of two vagabond Englishmen, Peachy and Danny played by Michael caine and sean Connery, who are considered to be criminals by the British empire.

So they hatch a plan to travel to a distant, primitive country intending on becoming kings and returning with all that country's treasure. After a long, perilous journey, they arrive to Kafiristan and initially met with hostility. But are slowly accepted as heroes as they conquer "devils" and people in neighboring villages.

SEG 2.2

Eventually, Danny, played by Sean Connery, is mistaken for a divine being when a charm, adorned with a masonic compass and all-seeing eye, is discovered around his neck. He rules all of Kafiristan for a short time. He also violates the contract he signed before arriving by taking a wife. Soon he begins to believe the lie that he is a god, and disaster befalls his kingdom.

Peachy, played by Michael caine, decides to take his half of the gold and return to England. But before he can, Danny is bitten at his wedding and revealed to be only human when he's seen bleeding. Eventually they're punished, Danny's thrown into a canyon, and peachy scarred and suffered for a 1000 years.

SEG 2.3

This movie has parallels with the story of the anti-Christ in both christian and Islamic traditions. A man arrives claiming to be god, survives a fatal injury, performs false miracles, and eventually punished by being thrown into a pit. Even 7 trumpets are heard in the movie, while in the bible, 7 trumpets signal seven phases of the apocalypse. And the Muslims say the anti-Christ will arise out of Kafiristan, the same country mentioned in the movie.

SEG 2.4

The man who would be king has an additional similarity when compared to the apocryphal book of Enoch The book of Enoch's primary focus is the fallen angels from the garden of Eden, also spoke of in genisis. The book of Enoch contains 2 characters, Semyaza and Azazel, which are listed among the leaders, and sound quite a bit like Danny and Peachy from the movie.

In both cases, the 2 sign a contract and receive a gift that will make human tremble. Both taught people how to make weapons and conduct themselves in war. And, just like the book of Enoch, Azazel is thrown into a pit in the middle of a desert, while his associate Semyaza is burned.

And similar to the serpent from the garden of Eden, Danny tells the woman that she surely won't die and then later is bruised in the face by her. Exactly like the serpent from the book of genesis who tells eve she won't die if she tastes of the fruit, and then later, the serpent is told that the woman will one day bruise his face.


SEG 3.1

One of The man who would be king's most blatant retellings can be found in Stargate. Stargate is about an ancient portal found in the desert. A group of soldiers who walk through the portal arrive to another world that resembles ancient Egypt

When they arrive, one of the groups members, Danny played by James Spader, is discovered wearing a charm with an all-seeing eye, and soon learns the local people have mistaken him for a representative of the Egyptian sun God Ra.

SEG 3.2

Soon, the real Ra learns of the group's presence and begins to kill and capture them one by one, including Daniel, who is brought back to life by Ra.

Eventually, the few remaining soldiers kill Ra and free the local people from his tyranny. Danny, the groups' archeologist, decides to take a wife, and remain with the primitive people as a leader while his comrades return home. The similarities between the man who would be king are too specific to be accident.

SEG 3.3

Both have the same name


Both were given a charm with an all-seeing eye on it before departure


Both mistaken for divine beings when discovered with the charm


Both try to be culturally sensitive


Both include a scene where the slave girl is rejected


Daniel from the man who would be king survives a seemingly fatal wound, while Daniel from stargate suffers a fatal wound, and is brought back to life

Both decide to stay and take a local for a wife, while his partner insists on going back home.


The two movies even contain similar scenes and landscapes.

El Dorado -4

SEG 4.1

The Road to El dorado is another veiled retelling of the man who would be king, with even more similarities than stargate had to offer. The road to el dorado is about two guys considered criminals by the Spanish empire. But before the two are punished and imprisoned, they escape the transport boat and arrive by sea to a primitive land.

Using a map as a guide, the two hatch a plan involving the plunder of El Dorado, the city of gold. When the two arrive in el dorado, they are mistaken for divine beings after performing a false miracle. They become the immediate rulers of El dorado, the lost city of gold, and their plan to steal the cities gold moves forward with ease.

SEG 4.2

But, similar to Danny from the man who would be king, one of the two ,quote unquote 'gods' is seen bleeding, and it becomes evident to the city's high-priest that they aren't gods, but human.

The high-priest attempts to kill the two would-be kings, but fails and is himself killed. One of the gentlemen, Michael, who was mistaken for the sun god, wants to stay and rule the primitive country, while the other, Tulio wants to go back home with his half of the gold.

But before the 2 can return to Spain with their loads of gold, they run into trouble with an old enemy, Cortez The 2 guys, Michael and Tulio, are finally forced to sacrifice their gold in order to escape

SEG 4.3

The road to el dorado contains several scenes that seem like cartoon-copies of the man who would be king. Comparing the pair from the man who would be king and the pair in the road to el dorado isn't hard.

both are criminals


Both make a pact to stay away from women


both led by a map to a primitive country

both hatch a plan involving plunder


both hold on to the tail of a horse

A prophecy surrounding his coming


Both mistaken for gods, and later laugh about it in a private setting


SEG 4.4

Both perform false miracles


Both put an end to the high-priests sacrifices


Both stand to gain a ton of treasure

Similar to the man who be king, one decides to stay and rule, while the other intends on returning home with his half of the gold


Michael, like danny from the man who would, begins to believe the lie that he was meant to rule.

[believe lie]

Both are revealed to be only human after being seen bleeding


And both will watch their treasure wasted in the panic of escape.


SEG 4.5

Some scenes were obviously done simply to draw the connection between the two movies. The road to el dorado contains much of the symbolism of the previous two films, along with having a virtually identical storylines. Trumpets, pyramids, eyes,and sacrifices.

And here, it's clear that, like in stargate, Michael has been mistaken for the sun god shown here putting on his sun-crown.

You even have people with strange masks, and an arrival with a pale horse. In the bible, there are four horsemen, or riders of the apocalypse, 1 is white and the other in pale like the sickly shade of a corpse.

Simpsons -5

SEG 5.1

Then there's this episode from the six season of the Simpsons, called Homer the Great. In this episode , homer find his friends acting secretive and receiving preferential treatment. After some investigating and a bit of meddling, he discovers that his friends Lenny and Carl are members of a secret order called "The stone cutters". But masonry is obviously what the Simpsons creators had in mind.

SEG 5.2

Masonic compasses and squares, along with pyramids,suns, and all-seeing eyes are throughout the interior of this "Stonecutter lodge". Homer then learns that grandpa Simpson is a member, making Homer eligible for membership. Here's the whole lodge singing about the conspiracies they're involved in.


SEG 5.3

So he's accepted, and soon a very familiar scene unfolds. He's initially met with hostility, but the high-priest finds a mark on him that signifies divinity. They mistake him for a god, and immediately becomes the leader of the group.

Soon, he begins to believe the lie and his followers turn against him. This episode is clearly rooted in Rudyard Kipling's story. And Matt Greoning, the creator of the Simpsons, does a good job at making the Freemasons like look like no more than a mischievous country-club.

Dogma -6

SEG 6.1

Dogma is yet another copy of this story. Dogma is about 2 angels who want to get into heaven regardless of the wishes of god, and another group who has been charged with stopping them.

SEG 6.1

Upon arrival, both pairs begin punishing the wealthy


Are unable to consume alcohol


Met in the army


Suffered for a thousand years


Both are seen bleeding


and as usual, one angel wants to stay while the other wants to go back home


The movie actually has Enoch displayed for a brief time, and a vast portion of The Book of Enoch is devoted to angels.

Starwars -7

SEG 7.1

Then there's starwars, a slightly more subtle retelling of the same story. And once again, traces of the same too characters. Han Solo and Luke skywalker are cultural icons, but they appear to be a bit ore than that. Han Solo from starwars and Danny from the man who would be king have quite a bit in common.

SEG 7.2

Both are long-time smugglers


Both have a brainy best friend


Both were honored as war heroes with their brainy best friend.


Both ended up snowblind, which is blindness due to extreme cold


Both pairs have a grudge against an empire


Both pairs have been mistaken for gods.


Both are impulsive warriors


And even though there's no good reason to threaten someone with 1000 years of torture, since human don't live beyond 130, they are both still threatened with a 1000 years of suffering


And both have stood with their best friend at the edge of a pit, in the middle of a desert, with people crowded around intending on pushing them in.

And again, the characters with the ropey hair get a scene or two.

SEG 7.3

Even chewbacca can be accounted for. According to Muslim tradition, like Han solo, the anti-Christ is friends with a furry creature who's so furry one could not tell his front from his back. This fury creature identified itself as "Al-Jasassah", which is Arabic for the assassin

According the Jordan Maxwell, Yoda is in fact a real character who the Freemasons actually believe in..


SEG 7.4

Jesus Christ also makes an appearance in starwars as Anakin skywalker, aka Darth Vader. Darth Vader, the infamous villain from starwars, was originally named Anakin Skywalker and his life bares many similarities to the life of Jesus Christ.

SEG 7.5

Was immaculately conceived

Declared the chosen one

Prophesied to come

Powerful magical abilities

Rejected by temple leaders just like Jesus was

Wants to preserve life using his magical abilities

Storms a temple just like Jesus did

"if not with, than against him" just as Jesus said.

And becomes the leader of a large army

SEG 7.6

And I'm sure it's just a coincidence that the lady George Lucas chose to play Vader's mother, a Swedish actress named Pernilla August, also played as Mary in the made for TV movie, Mary, mother of Jesus in 1999. the very same year she first appeared in Star wars.

Christian bale, who would later play as Batman, also played in the movie Mary, mother of Jesus playing as Jesus himself. Regardless who played what part, it's clear who George Lucas had in mind when writing for Darth Vader

THX -8

SEG 8.1

George Lucas' first full-length film was THX-1138. Akin to the setting Audious Huxley's "Brave new world" takes place in, THX 1138 takes place in a dystopic police state where the citizens are medicated, under constant observation, and reproduction is tightly controlled.

Named after its main character,THX 1138 was released in 1971, and describes a world where natural human emotions, like sexuality, are suppressed through a regime of medications that's mandated and distributed by the state.

SEG 8.2

The movie is about a nuclear technician, who like most, is emotionally inexperienced and emotionally dependent on machines instead of other people.


SEG 8.3

His roommate and future lover begins substituting his medications so that he, like her, will begin feeling emotions the medications are designed to inhibit. They begin a love affair and are arrested because of it. She ends up dead while he is sent to detention.

He meets up with a couple of idiots and eventually escapes. The world described in the film is exactly the goal of the New world Order. For example, here's an excerpt from an interview of alduous huxley regarding his novel "Brave new world" .


SEG 8.4

Thx 1138 is very revealing, has decent special effects, and very boring. So boring in fact, that even those with good taste will find the car chase at the end refreshing. George Lucas both wrote and directed this movie.

Men in Black -9

SEG 9.1

another movie that gets its material from reality in mib. Men in black is about 2 law enforcement agents who work for a secret government agency responsible for regulating alien activity on earth. It appears that much of the movies content were inspired by John Keel's “The mothman prophecy”. John keel was an early paranormal researcher, who in 1975, published a book called “The mothman prophecies”. The book's main focus were the evens in a small town called point pleasant, west Virginia in 1967, where countless UFO, giant bats, and men in black were reported. Here's a few excerpts from John Keels' book "The mothman prophecies" and clips from the two men in black films.

SEG 9.2

Here's John Keel, commenting on how Men in Black always give themselves all-too common names.

UFO lore is populated with mysterious visitors

claiming inordinately common names like Smith,

Jones, Kelly, Allen, and Brown.

Chapter 2, Part 3

SEG 9.3

Here's stories of people with lapses in memory after seeing a bright light.

A young couple, sprawled together in the back seat of an old jalopy on a deserted dirt road in the isolated back hills east of Ravenswood, West Virginia. It was a starlit, moonless night in the spring of 1967, just warm enough so the pair were able to strip to the buff comfortably.

About 10:30 P.M. a blinding bluish light poured in through the

windows of the parked car.

SEG 9.4

The next thing we knew it was gone. We

jumped into our clothes and got the hell out

of there. Another funny thing, when we got

into town it was after 12:30. We couldn't

figure it out. It seemed like we only looked

at that light for a couple of seconds. But

somehow it must have taken two hours."

Chapter 9, Part 1

SEG 9.5

If you review the thousands of UFO contact

reports you will find that many of them begin

with the appearance of an entity holding

some kind of "flashlight" which is shone

directly at the witness... In other instances,

the entity approaches the witness and

suddenly flashes a light at him which

causes paralysis.

Chapter 13, Part 2

SEG 9.6

In some cases, witnesses are asked for curious things by peculiar people.

Max's Kansas City is a famous watering

hole for New York's hip crowd. In the

summer of 1967 an oddball character

wandered into that restaurant noted for its

oddball clientele. He was tall and awkward,

dressed in an ill-fitting black suit that

seemed out of style. His chin came to a

sharp point and his eyes bulged slightly like

"thyroid eyes."

SEG 9.7

He sat down in a booth and gestured to the

waitress with his long, tapering fingers.

"Something to eat," he mumbled. The

waitress handed him a menu. He stared at it

uncomprehendingly, apparently unable to

read. "Food," he said almost pleadingly.

"How about a steak?" she offered. "Good."

SEG 9.8

She brought him a steak with all the

trimmings. He stared at it for a long moment

and then picked up his knife and fork,

glancing around at the other diners. It was

obvious he did not know how to handle the


Chapter 2, Part 5

SEG 9.9

"Did you ever hear of anyone—especially an

air force officer—trying to drink Jell-O?"

Mrs. Ralph Butler asked. "Well, that's what he did. He acted

like he had never seen any before. He picked

up the bowl and tried to drink it. I had to show

him how to eat it with a spoon."

Chapter 2, Part 7

[sugar water]

SEG 9.10

Many of the men in black sightings recorded in the mothman prophecies depict them as moving awkwardly.

From what I could get from him, he was

looking for an insurance company, only he

kept saying he wanted "trip insurance." He told

her he had also visited the office of the

Messenger. He spoke in the garbled,

singsong manner of so many of our weirdo

visitors and moved in an unsteady, almost

drunken way.

Chapter 9, Part 5

SEG 9.11

There are many reports in the book about people with strange eye-problems. Bulging eyes, or eyes that are out of sync. Edward Christiansen was interviewed by a Man in Black, and says this:

SEG 9.12

His nose, and mouth seemed relatively

normal, but his eyes were large, protruding,

like "thyroid eyes," and set wide apart. One

eye appeared to have a cast, like a glass

eye, and did not move in unison with its


Chapter 8, Part 2

SEG 9.13

The Cherokees have a tradition, that when

they migrated to Tennessee they found the

region inhabited by a weird race of white

people who lived in houses and were

apparently quite civilized. They had one

problem: their eyes were very large and

sensitive to light. They could only see at

night. The fierce Indians ran these

"mooneyed people" out.

Chapter 5, Part 2


SEG 9.14

These eerie Men in black gave everyone the creeps. And even though they tried desperately to make others comfortable by grinning, even their grins looked evil. Here's a Mrs. Bryant describing her encounter with a man in black.

"Were they Negroes?" "No. No, they didn't

have Negroid features. Their faces seemed

kind of pointed. You know, pointed noses,

pointed chins, high cheekbones. There was

a kind of evil look about them. I was afraid I

was going to get robbed or attacked."

Chapter 10, Part 4

SEG 9.15

Mrs Bryant again commenting on their voices

Well, it was all pretty silly. They just wanted to

know my name, where I was from, what I

did for a living, things like that. Sometimes

it was hard to understand them. Their voices

were sort of singsongy and high-pitched. It

was like listening to a phonograph record

played at the wrong speed.

Chapter 10, Part 4


SEG 9.16

witness report impossible acrobatic maneuvers here's Mr. Keel talking about Mrs. Bryant and cattle-mutilators on her farm.

Had she ever caught the culprits in the act?

"Several times," she said. "I'd see them

out in the field and go after them with a

shotgun. But they always got away.

They're tall men and they wear white

coveralls which is kind of stupid because they really

stand out in the dark. And they can certainly

run and jump. I've seen them leap over high

fences from a standing start."

Chapter 10, Part 4


SEG 9.17

The preferred automobile of the men in black appears to be large, out-of-date, and black. Here's Connie Carpenter's retelling of an attempted abduction and the cars the mib are often seen in.

She said she could positively

identify it as a 1949 Buick. The driver was

a clean-cut young man of about twenty-five,

and was wearing a colorful mod shirt, no

jacket, despite the cold weather.

His thick black hair was neatly combed and

he appeared to be very suntanned. He spoke

with no noticeable accent. The car, though

nearly twenty years old, was so well kept it

looked like new. Even the interior had a look

of newness about it.

Chapter 6, Part 8

SEG 9.18

Here's the description from a college student named Tom.

"It was a very old Buick," he reported. "But

it was very well kept. It looked brand-new. It

even smelled brand-new."

Chapter 14, Part 3

[old cars]

SEG 9.19

These men in black leave behind no trace

Mr. Mallette took down the license number

on their Volkswagen and when Mary had

the police check it out it proved to be non-

existent. This business with license

numbers was repeated over and over, and in

many places.

Witnesses would carefully note the plates

on the black Cadillacs and mysterious panel

trucks, but when the police ran a routine

check the computers came up with a blank.

Chapter 3, Part 2

SEG 9.20

4 Men in black arrive to an elderly woman's home in April of 1967, immediately after a sever rainstorm.

"They had high cheekbones and very red

faces, like a bad sunburn," she told me.

"They were very polite but they said my land

belonged to their tribe and they were going

to get it back. What frightened me was their


They didn't have a car... they must

have walked up that muddy hill... but their

shoes were spotlessly clean. There was no

trace of mud or water where they walked in

my house."

Chapter 15, Part 1


SEG 9.21


The Mothman Prophecies, an exceedingly boring movie released in 2002, was loosely based on the book. In the movie, the main character named John Klein played by the exceedingly stale Richard Gere, was loosely based on John Keel.

Although there were a few parallels between the experiences of the main character and those of john keel, the movie for the most part does not delve into the book's more paranormal content.

SEG 9.22

The movie has no trace of Men In Black, UFOs, or even the appearance of a mothman. The viewer is forced to be content with drawings, and as for descriptions of these mothmen, nothing except their large, red-glowing eyes are mentioned. It's clear the film was made for middle-aged women with no interest in UFOs, the paranormal, or well-written stories.

SEG 9.23

In fact, the only thing the movie got right was The bridge disaster, and an alien, who used a contactee, to speak directly to John Keel. Aside from that, the movie was void of any of the book's true content and focus.

Since the movie was little help, what does the book say of about "Mothman." Descriptions of these mothmen throughout the book are similar. Here's a few excerpts.

SEG 9.24

Here's a report from the late 1800s out of Brooklyn, New York.

He had wings and performed aerial

acrobatics over the heads of the crowds of

sunbathers at Coney Island. A Mr. W. H.

Smith first reported these strange flights in

a letter to the New York Sun, September

18, 1877. The creature was not a bird, but

"a winged human form."

SEG 9.25

He maneuvered at an altitude of about one

thousand feet, sporting "bat's wings" and

making swimming-like movements.

Witnesses claimed to have seen his face

clearly. He "wore a cruel and determined


Chapter 3, Part 1

SEG 9.26

Here's a description of the mothman from a west Virginia girl driving home from church in 1966.

It was at least seven feet tall and very broad. The thing that attracted her attention was not its size but its eyes. It had, she said, large, round, fiercely glowing red eyes that focused on her with hypnotic effect.

SEG 9.27

As she slowed, her eyes fixed on the apparition, a pair of wings unfolded from its back. They seemed to have a span of about ten feet. It was definitely not an ordinary bird but a man-shaped thing which rose slowly off the ground, straight up like a helicopter, silently. Its wings did not flap in flight.

Chapter 2, Part 4

SEG 9.28

This report is from a group of soldiers in Vietnam in 1969.

All of a sudden—I don't know why—we all three looked out there in the sky and we saw this figure coming toward us. We saw what looked like wings, like a bat's, only it was gigantic compared to what a regular bat would be. After it got close enough so we could see what it was, it looked like a woman.

A naked woman. She was black. Her skin was black, her body was black, the wings were black, everything was black. But it glowed. It glowed in the night—kind of a greenish cast to it.

Chapter 3, Part 2

SEG 9.29

These descriptions of the "mothman" bear an uncanny resemblance to demons depicted in the dark and medieval ages. In medieval depictions of demons, the beings were humanoid, but had wings. In fact, demons and the devil were commonly depicted as giant man-like bats throughout the period.

Over and over again, these malevolent supernatural beings were adorned with the bodies of men, but wings of a bat. here's a few depictions of so-called devils from the time. But the mothman prophecies had traces of yet another creature of "myth and legend". Vampires.

SEG 9.30

Vampires have long been associated with giant bats and hypnotic powers, but there's something else. The Men In Black themselves. Witness describe hypnotic gazes, pointed features of the chin and nose, high cheek-bones, jet-black hair, and long tapering fingers.

These are the general a attributes of every Dracula character Hollywood has ever regurgitated. Here's what a witness said about shaking the hands of one of these mysterious characters.

SEG 9.31

The rear door opened and a man climbed out with a big grin on his face. He was about five feet eight inches tall, with dark skin and Oriental eyes. ...

He solemnly shook hands with the girl, "his hand was as cold as ice".

Chapter 15, Part 1

SEG 9.32

Here's a girl named Jane, describing her encounters with a "vampire woman" who she first met working as a librarian.

In early June, Jane began to see the librarian wherever she went. On June 6, while wandering through a local department store, the woman appeared behind a dress rack. She wore the same old-fashioned clothes and tried to speak to Jane in "broken English" .

SEG 9.33

There was something wrong about her speech and movements. "It was as if ... she were dead," Jane said. When asked if she lived around Babylon, the woman laughed in a strange hysterical way, "like an emotionally disturbed person."

Chapter 15, Part 1

SEG 9.34

Like flying saucers, it delighted in chasing cars ... a very unbirdlike habit, and it seemed to have a penchant for scaring females who were menstruating, another UFO/hairy monster peculiarity.

Chapter 6, Part 4

SEG 9.35

Elsewhere throughout the Ohio River valley, dogs, cows, and horses were dying suddenly and mysteriously, usually from surgical-like incisions in their throats. Animal disappearances and deaths go hand in hand with the UFO phenomenon.

The most puzzling aspect of these deaths is the absence of blood. Often the carcasses seem drained of all blood. The wounds don't bleed. No blood is in evidence in the grass or dirt where the victims lay.

SEG 9.36

"Two points confounding investigators have been the absence of blood and footprints," "Even on warm days, with the carcass freshly killed, there has been no bleeding on or around the animal. Some believed the cattle were drained of blood. No human tracks have been detected near each mutilation, even in fresh snow."

SEG 9.37

Europe has been plagued with phantom animal killers for generations. Sweden had a plague of this sort of thing in 1972. The extensive vampire legends of Middle Europe were undoubtedly based on such incidents. Vampires were cloaked beings, often accompanied by strange aerial lights, who could paralyze humans and animals in their tracks.

Chapter 9, Part 4

SEG 9.38

There are even more recent reports of vampirism..

[news vampires]

SEG 9.39

The Muslims also have something to say on the subject of giant bats and vampires. They speak of the 'djinn'. The Muslims say jinn are beings of freewill whose bodies are made of "smokeless flame," as opposed to humans whose bodies were made of clay.

The word Genie comes from the Arabic word djinn, which means demon. They say that the djinn were the children of the devil himself, had populated earth before humanity, and filled it with corruption during this time. In the bible, they are called the 'seeds of the serpent', the nephilim, and rafiam, which where children of the fallen angels.

SEG 9.40

The Muslims say there's are several kinds of djinn, or demons. The first are physical beings with wings, the second looked like dogs and snakes, the third are spirits, and others look human. It is said that the jinn never go out during the day and are on average stronger than humans.

The bodies of the jinn are said to be made from "smokeless flame" .Demons are commonly shown with lights in their eyes, while vampires are frequently depicted bursting into flames as if their body were made of fire.

SEG 9.41

In UFO-circles, these mothmen are called dracos, because it has been suggested that these creatures originate from The Draco constellation Whether that's correct, or whether their origins are a little closer to home, is unclear. But what is clear is that they've been with us for quite some time, appear to have a hidden alliance with our government, and as for vampires, they exist.

Batman -10

SEG 10.1

And speaking of giant bats and vampires, that brings us to the part-time billionaire, part-time vigilante, full-time vampire, Batman. And like a lot of other movies, Batman has more to in than it seems. In Batman, the strongest reference point is the very well-known fictional character called "the Joker."

In 1989's Batman with Michael Keaton, The Joker was played by Jack nickleson, and in the dark knight, the joker was played by the now deceased Heath Ledger. Repeatedly, the writers make it clear who they had in mind while writing the joker's script.

[card still]

SEG 10.2

Here's one of the cards the joker passes out during his crime spree. A card he gives out more than once, has what is obviously a devil on it.

And in this scene...


SEG 10.3

We see a number of cards.

There's the devil card again..

Then what appears to be a red horse with horns drawn in a "dragon-like motive"

Then 2 dragons, intertwined.

SEG 10.4

Throughout The dark Knight, Heath Ledger persists on licking his lips and rapidly extending his tongue, like a snake. Now here's Revelation 12:9

And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.

SEG 10.5

So he's the dragon, that old serpent, called the devil.

And by the end, just in case there was any lingering doubt, the joker proceeds to build a pyramidal mountain of cash and puts a criminal on top.

SEG 10.7

But the other joker, played by Jack Nicholson, also gives his identity away.


then, at the end of the movie, he says..


And then you see Vicky vale, and the joker dancing together in the pale moon light. Just another clue. Even the riddler drops hints that he is fact an old foe.


SEG 10.8

Batman himself has some strange characteristics. His attributes are rumored to be similar to the classical vampire. He apparently can disappear and reappear. And Gordon, played by Gary Oldman, makes it clear that he has a history of disappearing and reappearing.


SEG 10.9

In the dark knight, this is left as only a hint, but in 1989's Batman, the hint is a little heavier. In that batman, batman was rumored to be a vampire that drank blood.


SEG 10.10

And although the movie "The Mothman Prophecies" is void of a single mothman, Batman is not. Here's a slowed-down scene from 2005's batman begins.

In Batman returns, Catwoman is killed by her boss, comes back to life looking extra pale, extremely strong, and goes bad.

And Penguin, who runs the red triangle gang, declares war against gothams first-born.

[first born]

SEG 10.11

Like the Pharaoh from the book of exodus, he targets the first born. A rather arbitrary choice. Batman returns even has the some of the more conventional symbolism.

Watchmen -11

SEG 11.1

But the joker isn't a character unique to batman. We've encountered this joker before, and since. The joker's true name, or one of many, is Asmodeus. Asmodeus is often portrayed highly intelligent, extremely sadistic, and humorous. But first, here's the intro from the movie Spawn.

[play, spawn]

SEG 11.2

In spawn you've got this joker kinda of guy who's working for the devil. His job was to prepare earth so that spawn may lead Satan's army to heaven and destroy it. In the movie, spawn is betrayed and killed by his boss, is sent to hell, and makes a deal with Satan to get a second chance for revenge and love so long as he leads Satan's army to attack heaven.

Spawn agrees, and returns to the land of the living with incredible abilities and a regenerative body made of a luminous material.

SEG 11.3

Now the clown is kinda bitter because he believes that his likeness is closer to Satan than spawn's and that HE should lead the army of hell. And although he's bitter, he's under strict order so ensure spawn succeeds in all he does.

Eventually, the tension surfaces, spawn and the clown fight, spawn wins, refuses to play ball with Satan's plan, and the earth is saved. This demonic clown has quite a bit in common with the joker.

SEG 11.4

Then there's asmodeus, from the movie Gabriel Gabriel is about an arch-angel named Gabriel, who was sent from heaven to do battle with Demon villains He arrives to find a dark, cruel world where his comrades, who are also angels, live in hiding and fear while demons rule humanity.

After locating his super-hero friends, he's disappointed to discover that they've discontinued their fight against evil and now live in the shadows.

SEG 11.5

Almost immediately after banding together behind Gabriel, Asmodues and samael, discover the arch-angels locations and begin picking them off in an effort to remove the forces of goodness so that the souls of the city will belong to the fallen.

After a drawn-out crusade to kill the fallen one-by-one, Gabriel eventually works his way up to samael, who he kills and dies with.

SEG 11.6

Then there's Ozymandias, from watchmen. Watchmen is about a group of crime fighting, super-heroes who retire and go their separate ways. All but two of these super-heroes, Ozymandias and Dr Manhattan, keep their identity secret.

Soon it appears that members of the retired super-group the watchmen are being targeted for assassination It is eventually revealed that super-hero and former college, Ozymandias, is behind the plan to neutralize his ex-partners so that he may bring about massive change on a global scale by using a series of false flag terrorist attacks.

SEG 11.7

Watchmen, similar to Gabriel, includes a super-hero who's disappointed that his comrades who are retired, in hiding, and letting an potentially evil plot proceed unchallenged But more than that, it includes two characters whose names sound similar, asmodeus and Ozymandias

Not exactly a stretch. Still more than that, both are behind assassinations and rumored to be homosexual. Here's, Adrian, a.k.a. Ozymandias from watchman, hanging out with the village people.


SEG 11.8

Here's Asmodeus' play-toy who's obviously a man in drag. And this scene definitely ties him to the joker, and it was designed to. Just like the famous scene with jack nickelson looking in the mirror, Gabriel has this. And similar to jack nickelson's joker, asmodeus cuts up his human-pet and refers to it as "art."


Hints that asmodeus is homosexual also come up spawn.

[spawn gay]

SEG 11.9

These five characters have quite a bit in common. 4 wear purple suits, 4 end up betraying the people he's working with, 3 are gay, 2 are concerned with gathering souls from earth, Ozymandias from watchman has what appears to be a left-eye on his belt, while asmodeus from Gabriel gets his left eye gauged out, and all 5 run criminal organizations and are cold-hearted.

More still, its the relationship between the joker and this other character who dies and comes back. Repeatedly, the joker and batman spare eachother's lives, and in Gabriel and spawn, the joker is under strict orders NOT to kill this character.

SEG 11.10

My guess is, the true relationship between this character is more accurately told in Spawn, where there's actually an agreement between the two. The joker's most common role is to corrupt this main character by provoking his soul into making bad choices, rather than killing him.

[spawn, prepare]

[dark, not kill you]

SEG 11.11

And even though Asmodeus recognizes Gabriel as an enemy angel, rather than fight him, he instead intends to corrupt him. And does so because he's under orders to do so.

[Gabriel, corrupt]

[Gabriel, leave him]

SEG 11.12

Watchmen and Gabriel also have in common yet another character, Moloch. Complete with odd-shaped ears, bald heads, and both working for the bad guys. Moloch was ancient Canaanite god who is mentioned in the bible as a pagan god who's followers would sacrifice their children to, by throwing them in fire.

Today, members of the bohemian grove gather to reenact this ancient ritual by burning a human in effigy

SEG 11.13

So who is asmodeus? Asmodeus is mentioned in both Hebrew Talmud and book of Tobit He is considered to be one of the princes of hell, who's cardinal sin is lust and he reportedly twists people sexual desires. In the Talmud, he's even depicted as a humorous fellow who marries Lilith, another character in Gabriel

SEG 11.14

In watchmen, Ozymandias runs a company called "Pyramid International" and in the movie, creates a new world order by uniting the nations against Dr Manhattan but in the graphic novel, the crisis Ozymandias uses to unite the nations is a fake alien invasion By the end, Ozymandias who is obsessed with all things Egyptian, succeeds in his conspiracy, which results in world peace.

SEG 11.15

watchmen includes yet another character of Illuminati significance, Ra, the sun god, aka Dr Manhattan. Dr Manhattan, who chills out at the Rockefeller military research center, is repeatedly connected to the sun god, Ra. And similar to Ra, the sun god from Egyptian mythology, Dr Manhattan turns his back on humanity and leaves earth, and humanity has turned against him.

SEG 11.16

So Dr Manhattan retreats to mars, and constructs a flying machine that looks like a sun no matter what direction you are looking at it. Here's "Ra" written out in Egyptian hieroglyphs, notice the sun symbol here. Now look at the symbol on Dr Manhattan's forehead.

This Egyptian symbol designates the sun. It's also worth noting that Ozymandias, Manhattan's buddy, has a belt adorned with the eye of Ra

SEG 11.17

Even our old super-friend, the reluctant batman shows up in Watchmen. More so than the graphic novel, the movie contains one of the biggest ripoffs of all time, The Nite owl 2, aka Batman: The dark night. Daddy left him a pile cash, an alter-ego he and everyone else is afraid of, advanced gadgets and vigilante do-dads in his basement, and some scenes are just plain insulting.

SEG 11.18

Watchmen are an obviously reference to the watchers, spoke about in the bible, book of Enoch, and numerous other texts as beings who were sent to guide and protect mankind but eventually go bad. Watchmen caters to conspiracy theorists.

It includes pyramids, a new world order, Rockefeller research center where the sun god hangs out, a grassy knoll, moloch, and a character called "Mothman".

SEG 11.19

In Alan Moores work, the authorities are often more corrupt than the criminals. Masonic and illuminst imagery is also common in his work. Watchmen is even capable of making double-thinkers out of the 9/11-aware by providing a reasonable excuse to use the false-flag terror option. False flag terrorism is when a terrorist attack is conducted against one's own country, or someone else's, and is blamed on an innocent party.



SEG 12.1

Adapted from the comic book, Hellboy is about a character named hellboy, who's half human, half demon. He works for a group called the BPRD, which is the bureau for paranormal research and defense

The BPRD is a super-secret branch of the government involved with protecting the public against the monsters and other paranormal threats. Hellboy came out of a portal from hell back during world war 2, and was raised by his adopted father Trevor Broom.

SEG 12.2

Hellboy has many attributes of the antichrist. First, numerous mentions of him having been sent from hell to destroy earth and usher in the apocalypse.


SEG 12.3

Second, Hellboys "true" name which was Anung Un Rama ,which means the Beast of the Apocalypse. The anti-Christ is commonly referred to as the beast or the beast of the sea in the bible. And when told that his true name is inscribed on the chains that hold him

[play, chains]

SEG 12.4

All you can see are 6s. 6's everywhere. three sixes in a row, or 666, is refereed to in the bible as the mark of the beast and is associated with the antichrist.

Like the antichrist from the bible, hellboy suffers a fatal wound, and is healed. In hellboy's case, he's healed by a dark angel with eyes all over him.


SEG 12.5

This malevolent character heals hellboys fatal wound and warns that it is hellboy's destiny to bring about the end of the world.

According to Islamic tradition, Hellboy is further connected to the antichrist. One of Islams narrations includes the testimony of Tamim Daari from the Hadith of Fatima, where he arrived ship-wrecked on an island and encountered the anti-Christ, which the Muslims call The Dajjal.

SEG 12.6

They landed on the island, and were met by a beast who was so hairy that they could not tell its front from its back. It said, "I am al-Jassasah." It said, "O people, go to this man in the monastery, for he is very eager to know about you."

SEG 12.7

'We quickly went to the monastery. There we found a huge man with his hands tied up to his neck and with iron shackles between his legs up to the ankles.

SEG 12.8

In the same Islamic text, the anti-Christ is further described as being large with red complexion and one eyed.

Then I turned around and saw another man with a huge body, red complexion, curly hair and one eye. His other eye looked like a floating grape."

SEG 12.9

And here we see hellboy, extremely muscular, red complexion, dubbed beast of the apocalypse, chained up in what appears to be a church or cathedral.

SEG 12.10

Hellboy also has roots in Egyptian mythology.The first Hellboy film sounds a bit like the story of Osiris, Anubis, and set.

According to Egyptian myth, Anubis is Sets son, but adopted by Osiris. Anubis is the god of the dead, usually depicted as a jackal-headed man. Set kills Osiris like Rasputin kills Trevor broom, and tells helboy that he is his father.

[play, father]

SEG 12.11

And as you expect from the god of the dead, Hellboy practices necromancy and is capable of reanimating dead corpses.

[play, necro]

SEG 12.12

The Muslims also claim that the antic-Christ practices necromancy. Necromancy is enlisting the assistance of or communicating with the dead.

And HellBoy 2 seems to also include the Egyptian gods Nut,Geb, and the sun god. Here's the intro to HellBoy 2


SEG 12.13

This story of a king who unleashes a powerful weapon against mankind and then regrets it sounds like the story of Ra the sun god from Egyptian mythology. According to legend, the sun god Ra was angered by humanity's disobedience to his rule, so he sent his daughter sekhmet, whom was called the Eye of Ra, to tame rebelling humanity.

But after seeing the carnage that Sekmet caused on Earth, his heart filled with regret and pity. So, he tricked Sekmet to stop her rampage by getting her drunk. Sekmet was depicted as a woman in a red dress with a lion's head and was said to have been made from the fiery eye of Ra. Sekhmet went by such flattering titles as:

SEG 12.14

Eye of Ra

Scarlet Lady

Lady of Flame

and Lady of Slaughter.

SEG 12.15

The Egyptian gods Geb and Nut also appear in HellBoy 2 as prince and princess nuana. In ancient tales,Geb and Nut were twins and also married. This union angered Ra, and commanded his son and their father, Shu shown here, to see to it that the two remain separate

In this scene the brother and sister act as if they also have a sexual relationship

[play, shield]

SEG 12.16

Here's Geb below and Nut above, with their father Shu, separating them. The goddess Nut is typically depicted in a tight-fitting blue dress, just like princess nuana's.

SEG 12.17

Geb, the god of the earth, is often depicted with leaves , and here's prince nuana standing in front of what appears

Even our old friend Asmodeus makes an appearance as Karl Kroenen. Who, in the movie, is Hitler's top assassin and head of the Thule occult society. Lilith shows up too, as Ilsa.

Blade -13


SEG 13.1

Blade, brought to you by Amen Ra Films, has a similar theme to Hellboy, a bit more than a theme in fact. Blade is a about a character called Blade, played by Wesley snipes, who is half-human and half vampire. He works for a small, and secret group of vampire hunters. Standing against him, a vast conspiracy of vampires who are out to kill him, and subdue mankind.

SEG 13.2

The first blade film sounds like the first hellboy film, the story of Set, Osiris, and Anubis. Blade, who was essentially adopted by a man named Whistler at a young age, does not drink human blood like his vampire contemporaries, but subdues his thirst with feel-good juice he buys from a guy with an all-seeing eye shaved into his head.


SEG 13.3

Blade, as Anubis, was adopted by Osiris, but was fathered by Set, and mothered from Nephthys, Set's wife. Here, blade finds himself in a room, with his mother and a character named Frost.


SEG 13.4

Frost kills whistler just like Set kills Osiris. Blade also includes the always essential Asmodeus and Lilith This "3-pack" of 2 male villains, and 1 female or extreme effeminate villain, is quite common.

blade and hellboy themselves have quite a bit in common.

SEG 13.5

Both are in secret agencies that hunt monsters.

Both are half-human and half something else

Both hunt their own kind

Both need an escort at all times.

Both prefer violence to negotiation

Both adopted fathers have cancer

and Both are referred to as the key, or chosen ones.

[2, chosen one]

SEG 13.6

And in both movies, the main villain intends on capturing him rather than killing him so that he may bring forth a powerful, and evil god.

And just like Blade 1 and Hellboy 1 resemble each other, Blade 2 and Hellboy 2 follow suit.

SEG 13.7

In Blade 2, the main villain is a guy called Nomak, played by Luke Goss. Nomak's sister, who works for vampire nation, teams up with Blade to hunt and kill Nomak. Nomak has many characteristics of HellBoy's prince nuada, aka Geb.

SEG 13.8

Both start off in the sewers

Both are refereed to a princes

Both are exceedingly powerful

Both are ordered dead by their father

Both fathers are connected to the exact same sun symbolism

Both kill their father

Both fathers become solid objects and shatter as they die


Both attempt to form an alliance

Both played by the same actor, Luke Goss.

And, after an extended battle, both die at the same time, on the same day as their sister.

SEG 13.9

Even Blades assistant is seen wearing a shirt that says B.P.R.D. The Bureau of Paranormal research and Defense The very same agency, and very same symbol, from Hellboy. And the same guy who wrote Hellboy 2, (Gee Yar Moe )del Toro, directed Blade 2. David S. Goyer, who wrote all 3 of the blade scripts, also wrote Batman begins and the dark knight.

SEG 13.10

And similar to Anubis and Osiris, his adopted father, Blade finds and helps bring back to life whistler, who had apparently suffered a fatal injury. Like Egyptian mythology where Osiris is killed by set, comes back with the help of Anubis, lives a short while, then is killed again.

In Blade 3, the vampires are working overtime to find and awaken a sleeping god, dagon, or Drac. Here's a quick bio on drak.

[play, Draco]

SEG 13.11

There's a couple scenes that connect him to the sun god, and to the all-seeing eye. And he tells a fellow vampire, donika talos, to take off her cross.


SEG 13.12

Dagon is an ancient amorite and Sumerian god first recorded 4500 years ago. Dagon is mentioned in the bible as the god and king of the philistines.

SEG 13.13

Horus appears to be played by a woman, Abigail whistler, seen here standing in front of posters with falcons on them. And here, standing next to a TV that says Sun and the moon.

Horus is depicted as a man with the head of a falcon. And it is said that Horus's right eye is the sun while his the left eye is the moon. And that the moon is so much dimmer because of Horus's fight with Set that left his left eye damaged.

SEG 13.14

[tattoo meaning]

Well, they may, cause if you look at the tattoos, they appear to be 6s, like Hell Boys true name.

The Lion King -14

SEG 14.1

The lion king is yet another film that appears to be derived from Egyptian mythology. It appears to be the story of Set, Osiris, and Horus.

SEG 14.2

The lion king is about a place in the African savanna called the pride lands Populated by every sort of creature in peace and prosperity, the pride lands is ruled over by a lion named Mufasa. Then you have his brother, Scar who is jealous of mufasa's and popularity

He eventually hatches a plan to get Mufasa, and his son Simba, killed so that he may rule the Pridelands. His plan partly succeeds as Mufasa is trampled to death, and his son and heir to the throne, Simba hides in exile.

SEG 14.3

Scar, now the ruler of the pride lands, merges it with his own kingdom of hyenas. Scar's reign soon becomes a failure as disaster and famine strike the pride lands Simba, now older, returns to the pride lands, has a massive battle with Scar, and reclaims the throne.

SEG 14.4

This is exactly the story of Egyptian gods set, Osiris, and Horus Osiris was the ruler of lower Egypt during a time of peace, prosperity, and justice. His jealous brother, set,ruled Upper Egypt and hated Osiris's rule and popularity. Set, is the Egyptian god of chaos, storms, and evil.

Egyptian mythology is terribly inconsistent from text to text, Set being among few exceptions He universally considered dark and evil. In this song Be prepared, Scar's lair looks increasingly like hell.

[play, beprep]

SEG 14.5

Set soon conspires to kill his brother Osiris in a remote place with no witnesses, just as Scar did. But set only partially succeeded. Because Horus, the son of Osiris, was still alive and fled into hiding. Set merges Upper and lower Egypt and begins ruling them both, and bring both to failure.

Eventually, Horus returns, a great battle ensures where Horus's eye is injured by Set, and alas Horus defeats him. Some Egyptian texts even claim Set had Osiris trampled to death, just as Mufasa, and whistler, were.

Tomb Raider -15


SEG 15.1

Tomb Raider, staring Angelina Jolie, shown here zooming out from the right eye, is basically the chronicles of a female Indiana Jones The first tomb raider contains rather overt Illuminati symbolism.

[play, intro]

SEG 15.2

In HellBoy 2, the unstoppable weapon was Sekmet, the Eye of Ra, who was so dangerous and powerful, that control of it was split into 3 pieces.

In Tomb Raider, it's the triangle of light, sporting an all-seeing eye, and that was so dangerous and powerful, that control of it was split into 3 pieces. The all-seeing eye, portrayed as a non-sentient ultimate weapon, is quite common.

SEG 15.3

Tomb Raider has traces of yet another familiar story. the story of Set, Osiris, and Horus. With Lara as a female Horus. In Legend, set kills Osiris in a remote place with no witnesses, like Lara Croft's father was killed. And as usual, Set is attempting to reach god-hood.

And at the end, the final battle of who would rule, between Horus and set, Lara Croft and Manfred Powell race to the top of a pyramid. Like Lion King, Horus is victorious.

Conan -16

SEG 16.1

Conan the barbarian includes heavy use of eye and serpent symbolism. Conan the barbarian is about a warrior named Conan, played by the talentless Arnold Schwarzenegger, whose family is killed by a guy named Falsa doom. Conan is captured and turned into a hooligan

SEG 16.2

He's eventually set free and immediately proceeds on an adventure of revenge. He locates, and sneaks into falso doom's lair, which was called Sets Mountain of Power in the movie, and kills him. This story sounds like yet another telling of the Horus vs Set conflict.

Set kills Horus's father, Osiris, and Horus spends the rest of his time gaining revenge and reclaiming his throne.


SEG 16.3

Falsa Doom, played by James earl Jones, is connected to the Egyptian god Set so often in the film, that it's kinda implied that he is Set.


Conan has traces of the man who would be king too. Where Conan arrives with a special charm on his neck, and is singled out. In Conan, Set's symbol is 2 connected serpents facing each other against a sun, where as in the man who would be king, it was 2 connected serpents facing away. Also, a familiar theme unfolds as Conan dies and comes back to life.

Final Words -17

SEG 17.1

The general characteristics of the antichrist in film is as follows.

Mistaken for a god

Egocentric, vain and he wants to go public

Insensitive, bad people skills

Uses violence as solution

Dies, or suffers severe injury

May have a past life, because of having died and come back

Moral failure in a cave, made stronger, goes bad

very powerful, excellent warrior

Has identifying mark

Wearing red

Impulsive, Dr jackyl mr Hyde kinda guy

Can read minds,sense emotions

SEG 17.2

May find himself working for the bad guy, or teaming up

At some point, may be under-water, usually thrown in the water. Or arriving by boat.

This symbolism is used cause he is “the beast of the sea”

Usually finds himself at a train station, airport, or some other kind of port

Hunted by 2 opposing sides

At some point this character meets a witchdoctor

tries to spare the innocent

Can see in the dark

Special heritage, half-human, half-something, etc

Sordid past

Popular with women

SEG 17.3

Main villain wants to rule with the antichrist, as opposed to kill him

This character's biblical name is “the beast of the earth”

In the bible, this character enforces the power structure of the anti-Christ

And, naturally, is often depicted as coming from below

This character is also extremely powerful, highly intelligent,bent on pure destruction, has disdain for life, and often connected to the sun and all seeing eye.

SEG 17.4

It's not likely that the Illuminati, who's managed to commandeer the world, are obsessed with fictitious characters and fictitious events born from myth and legend. What's more likely is that they are obsessed with real characters and real events while making us obsessed with their fictional counterparts. And if, after all of this, you still don't believe something very strange, and very real is being told, I can't help you.

Well, I hope you learned a bit about the movies you watch, and maybe even the world around you. And now it's your turn to share with others what you know. Good luck, and thanks for watching.

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