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Ricin & Red Ice

Red Ice Radio interviews Ricin [1/15/10] HOUR 1 of 2

Hollywood Insiders: Illuminati Esotera [27min] & Hollywood Insiders: Magick & The Matrix [37min] contains almost all of the supporting info for the Red Ice Interview

Recently, the very decent people at Red Ice Radio interviewed me regarding Hollywood Insiders: Magick & The Matrix. In the second half of the show, I started talking about the Jedi ( the real Jedi ) and Illuminati body-transformation, and made reference to a card in the cardgame Steve Jackson's: Illuminati the game of conspiracy. To truly understand the incredible significance of the card below, first, get a load of some of the other cards in the deck (400 cards) Or, you can watch the 20 min video. get the picture. Now that you're briefed, ask yourself why Steve Jackson let it all hang-out in 400 cards, but this card means seemingly nothing, and yet claims to be their biggest secret. That's because it is; to such the extent, that even in a shameless Illuminati-based cardgame, it is vague and barely whispered upon. Consider this my friends, and be wise!

Caption: There is a secret of our cabal that even you of the Twelfth Circle have not known ... until now.

Then, I cited a book Called "The Return of the Serpents of wisdom." On its cover, an image of a man getting a new, energetic body from 2 all-seeing eyes inside of pyramids ( one, blocked by an "E" ). Meanwhile, the whole book is in fact about body-transformation, and the different names its recipients have gotten through-out the ages; The "Dragon Power", the "serpent power," and an Earthly immortal life. "Djedi" is local to Egypt. And then you have the caduceus nakedly depicted. You will be as gods, the serpent tells Eve. Consider this book's cover my friends, in the book's context, and be wise!

It is the ritual they dare not whisper of. The irreversible Black Pilgrimage. The Body of Light. You become a "Djedi," with abilities similar to those depicted in Star Wars. In this ritual, one must be clinically dead for a short while, and the conversion is quite painful. How long have they spoke of immortal life? How often do they use reborn-from-the-ashes, "Phoenix symbolism." Consider it, my friends.

There is a secret that even you, who has never heard of a Twelfth Circle, had not known ... until now.

"Jesus..'s the same elephant, you see?"

As I asserted in Full Disclosure, George Lucas derived the material for Star wars from the Bible and other religious and mythological sources. Many characters in his Star wars saga have connections to real characters taken straight from "legend." When writing for Darth Vader, George Lucas had Jesus in mind. When writing for Chewbacca, Lucas has Al Jassassah in mind ( an extremely hairy character that is friends with the Anti-Christ found in Islamic sources). Even Yoda was called out by [the very questionable] Jordan Maxwell as being a real entity for whom guides the highest ranks of freemasonry.

But enough with speculation and accusations, here's George Lucas admitting his movies are indeed derived from myth and religious texts. The first quotes comes from an interview with Bill Moyers and George Lucas from 1999, where the subject of the use of religion in the Star wars series surfaces. The interview also reveals George Lucas' knowledge of these stories and the effect he has on the minds of youth.

In the second interview, with the stale Charlie Rose, George Lucas again alludes to how Star wars was built with the "Old mythologies" in mind. He even makes a rather stupid remark in the interview regarding why the series started at Episode 4.

His laughable premise was that Star wars was originally intended to be similar to a "Movie serial." Movies series, unheard of these days, is when a new, small episode of a slowly enfolding story was played at the movie theaters ( along with the feature film ) every week or so. Movie-goers would return feeling they can see a movie for free if they returned to the theater often enough. And if they missed a few episodes, they just picked up the story from there. He claims that he meant to have the viewer arrive mid-way in the saga, and never see a single sequel, or prequel. Doubtful George. Doubtful. Star wars episode 4 is long by itself, and together with the subsequent episodes 5 and 6, contains WAY too much material to have ever dreamed of putting it in a single movie. Would have the people of the late 70s, early 80s spotted your "Jesus"? Did you have to tell the story ass-backwards, as you did? His intended movie serial, "unfortunately" became a multi-billion dollar film saga.

Quotes from the Moyers interview:

Moyer: Joseph Campbell said that all the great myths, all the primitive myths, the great stories, have to be regenerated if they're going to have any impact. And you have done that with Star wars, are you conscience of doing that? Are you saying "I am trying to recreate the myths of old"? Or are you saying "I just wanna make a good action movie?"

Lucas: Well, when I did Star wars, I consciously set about to recreate myths. And the classic mythological motifs. And I wanted to use those motifs to deal with issues that existed today.

Moyer: One reason, one critic said, that Star wars has been so popular with young people is that religion without strings attached. That it becomes a very thin based theology...

Lucas: It is a thin based theology, that's why I would hesitate to call the force God. When the film, came out almost every single religion took Star wars and used it as an example. In their religion. And were able to relate it to young people, and saying this is what... and relate the stories, specifically the Bible, and relate stories to the Quran, and the Torah. So it's like...if it's a tool that can be used to make....old stories be new. And relate to younger people, that what the whole point was.

Moyers: Have you been influenced by Buddhism, because Star wars came along just about the time there was this growing interest in America in eastern religions. And I noticed in the Phantom Menace, that new episode one, that they discover this slave child who has an aura about him, and it reminded me of how the Buddhists go out and look for the next Delhi Lama.

Lucas: Uh huh, well again, there's a mixture of all kinds of mythology and religious beliefs that have been amalgamated into the movie.

Moyers: One of the comparisons that came to mind, as I was rewatching the series recently when Darth Vader tempts Luke to come over to the empire, offering all the empire has to offer. I was taken back, in my own view to the story of Satan taking Christ to the mountain offering him the kingdoms of the world if he only turn away from his mission.

Lucas: Right...

Moyers: Was that conscience in your mind?

Lucas: Well yeah, I mean that story has also been retold .. the temptation.. i mean, Buddha was tempted in the same way. It's all through mythology. ... I didn't want to invent a religion. I wanted to try to, explain in a different way the religions that have already existed.

Moyers: You're creating a new myth

Lucas: Well, I'm not [bubbling] .. I'm telling an old myth in a new way. I'm just taking the core myth, and localizing it

General Quotes from the Moyers interview:

Lucas: When I make the films, I'm very aware i'm teaching on a much larger scale than I would just as a parent ..

Lucas: All the religions are true, they just see a different part of the elephant.

Lucas: I put the force into the movies in order to try to awaken a certain kind of spirituality in young people. More a belief in God , than a belief in a particular religious system.

General Quotes from the Rose interview:

What kind of story were interesting in telling? [regarding Star wars]

Lucas: Well, I wanted to tell a modern myth, that was in the classic mode and motif of old mythology.

Lucas:so it [ Star wars ]was designed to be like those [movie series]. It starts in episode 4, you're in the middle of this thing, and that would be the end of it, it was one movie just grew to be 3 movies, unfortunately. I wrote more than I expected.

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A little truth to every joke :-) [humor]

A bit about the series

Hollywood Insiders started as a full-length documentary called "What makes the light: Starwars Unveiled" ( released April 14th, 2008 ). Its basic premise were the connections between "The man who would be king" and the Bible ( and book of Enoch ). Then, the reoccurrence of "Peachy" and "Danny" from Rudyard Kipling's The man who weould be king in George Lucas' Starwars.Although I've had to make little retraction to the facts presented in Starwars Unveiled, the presentation as a whole was lame and untimely. In a word, lame. But I'm a programmer, not a video editor.

My second effort was "What makes the light: Hollywood Insiders." This included all of the material from Starwars Unveiled, plus further retellings found in The Simpsons, The Road to El Dorado, Stargate, Harry Potter, and The Matrix. Although more comprehensive, it was still delivered in an unconvincing and untimely manner. And as before, mediocre video quality. Did I mention I'm not a video editor?

My third donation to conspiracy nation was Hollywood Insiders: Fallen Angels(released Nov. 3rd, 2008). This production was a bit better. All of the material presented in What makes the light: Hollywood Insiders, better presented, more convincing, more timely. Video quality is better, but still much to be desired. And completely unnarrated.

My fourth attempt at humor was Hollywood Insiders: Dark Stars (released Mar. 6th, 2009). This documentary took a slightly different turn from the previous, now also including the music industry. Instead of focusing on illuminati symbolism, its focus was the predictive programming and foreknowledge ( regarding 9/11 mainly ), Steve Jackson's cardgame Illuminati, and the use of demons in the music and movie industry. Demons that turn no-talent bums into legends. Because of Hollywood Insiders: Full Disclosure, I have only four full-length documentaries worth seeing, Full Disclosure, Magick and The Matrix, Illuminati Esotera, and Dark Stars.

My fifth full-length work was Hollywood Insiders: Revelations (released Aug. 19th, 2009). Its focus returned to Illuminati symbolism in movies. Reviewing Men In Black, Batman, Gabriel, Watchmen, and Spawn. Timely, informative (although I did say something stupid about the Joker's mask ), but made obsolete by Full Disclosure.

My sixth video is Hollywood Insiders: Full Disclosure (released Oct. 6th, 2009). This video takes an even closer look at Illuminati symbolism, and its meaning, in Hollywood. Discussing how much of the movies you watch root back to Christian, Islamic, and Egyptian traditions. Full Disclosure rendered all my previous work, with the exception of Dark Stars and Magick & The Matrix, obsolete. Examining: Batman,Watchmen, The Simpsons, Men in Black, Tomb Raider, Blade, Hellboy, The Lion King, THX-1138, Conan the Barbarian, Stargate, The man who would be king, Spawn, The Mothman Prophecies, Dogma, Gabriel, The Road to El Dorado.

My seventh film is Hollywood Insiders: Magick & The Matrix (released Dec 15th, 2009) examines Abdul AlHazred's "Necronomicon" and the Illuminati's concealment of the truths it bares. This documentary takes a practical look at black magic and the forces behind it. Then, delves into "The Matrix-like" world the Necronomicon paints. It discusses the multi-dimensional beings that feed off of us, parallel universes, and explains much Illuminati and Freemasonic imagery.

My eighth, and most recent film is Hollywood Insiders: Illuminati Esotera (released Jan 31st, 2010). It's focus is the Illuminati's body transformation using ritual magic. Then, it reveals details of George Lucas' "Jedi", magic, and spirits.

Hollywood Insiders is not a series for NWO-beginners. I always assume that the viewer already knows the NWO's basic symbolism and ambitions. I give only cursory review of their most basic symbolism. This is done, not only to deliver my case to you in a timely manner, but because there's only so much to be learned from snapshots of pyramids and all-seeing eyes in movies. These are superficial examples of symbolism, and inevitably the time will come to analyze the stories for what they are; that's where Hollywood Insiders steps in. The truth is, even the pyramids and all-seeing eyes are there for public consumption.

In most documentaries, the viewer is only learning 30% of the time. The other 70% is spent with animations, dramatizations, sound effects, and interviews/monologues loaded with opinion and conjecture. In a word: fluff. I try to bring the learning time to 90%, sparing not one moment as I move from topic to topic. I include virtually nothing that doesn't help me illustrate my point.

Although Hollywood Insiders uses movies as a foundation, I strive to teach the viewer a word of knowledge about the real world; I just do so using movies. In fact, I may have convinced you of numerous truths only because they were depicted in a movie. ( admit it! ) I also believe that the series fills a massive vacuum. Hollywood is so incredibly instrumental to the Illuminati agenda, and yet the only other documentary that even comes close to exposing Hollywood and the Illuminati is "Hollywood's war on god," a lengthy, and rather preachy documentary hosted by an uber-Christian; a veritable Ned Flanders. It's a excellent film and really opened my eyes, but aside from Hollywood Insiders it stands largely alone ( in regards to deep analysis). There are many good videos out there floating around that reveal Illuminati symbolism in movies, but very few examine with depth. This I find a problem, because as tools go, Hollywood's a sledge-hammer.

A bit about Ricin (Michael Wynn)
I'm basically just a computer nerd from Florida who became 9/11-aware through Loose Change and Alex Jones in early 2006. After only a year of research, my old perceptions about the nature of reality were burned and buried. Each detail of the NWO operation was darker and more disheartening than the last. In late 2007, my attentions would be turned to a movie named "The man who would be king," and well, here you are.

Probably the most pertinent thing you should know about me is that I'm not a movie buff, nor mythology buff. I have only recently caught up to my peers in "movies seen," and as for mythology, I'm a nerd, but not that bad. Had you asked me before 2006 about Christianity, Islam, and especially mythology, I would have said they were dumb, "spear-chuckin" stories conjured by people who thought lightning meant the gods were angered. The second pertinent thing you should know about me is that I'm in no way, pushing a particular religion. No text, or religion, has a complete monopoly on the truth ( especially the literal one, as opposed to the symbolic ). So how did I go from a believer in nothing, to a believer in so many faiths, vampires, and guitar-playing demons? Lets just say that after I was done with 9/11, I went looking for the stories I never wanted to believe. And Behold! The legends were true!

All those nearly-lost memories of grandma pointing to the dollar, claiming the symbols were the machinations of wicked men. All those times I was told what was to come, and what had been. The fall of man, war in heaven, behold the legends were true! And how disheartening. I couldn't deny it, I've lived forever with the strange sense that something big and sinister was happening in the world, I just couldn't put my finger on it till now.

The Infowarrior
A tangle of wires and duct tape, supported by oatmeal, this $350 machine made everything Hollywood Insiders, and blew holes in the NWO. Do the same with your P.O.S.!!
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