Hollywood Insiders: Magick & The Matrix (script)

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[SEG 1.1 ]

The universe has rules. Many rules. Rules like gravity, magnetism, Cause and effect. Don'ts, don'ts

, and more don'ts. But what if those rules could be bent, or even broken, or worse yet, discover they were never rules at all. Einstein described the universe as a 4-diminesional fabric that warps and bends and in some cases folds in on itself. . But a fabric is just a matrix, even a 4 dimensional one. And what if changes could be affected upon that fabric that were not the result of even the most anomalous quantum event. What if, instead, these unnatural alterations were the result of verified, certified, authorized, notarized freewill.


[SEG 1.2 ]

Enter magic, magic, simply put is the manipulation of the physical world without using the physical laws. The working of a ritual is intended to bring about a change that was not created from the natural laws of cause and effect, but rather based on desire.

[SEG 1.3]

One of magic's most peculiar aspects is the arbitrary nature of it's rituals and preparations. Often in magic, one must prepare strange seemingly useless herbs, say certain incantations in just the right way when the moon is just right, while staring down at symbols that look like they came from an etch-sketch or something. Now clearly, these strange procedures have only nominal effect on our reality in and of themselves. the incense rises and fades. The sound waves created by the incantations expand a short-while, and disappear. And as for the symbols, just carvings. Who choose these rules, and by what force is our will executed if the recipe is followed.

[SEG 1.4]

Well, it's safe to say that the rituals aren't for us, since our deepest desires came before the ritual. And if these rituals aren't for our sake, then it isn't by our energy, or force, that executes the various commands in witchcraft. It's like someone looking over you shoulder, waiting for you to do just the right thing at just the right times, and then executing your wishes. But what being of such power has the patience to serve a mortal in this fashion, and is this servitude voluntary, or forced?


[SEG 1.5 ]

And why symbols and incantations anyways? Why should a spirit care which direction you're facing, what chants you make in long-forgotten languages, what symbols you gaze upon, and where the stars are? Do the beings force themselves to execute the will of those with these special symbols, and special chants? Or has this servitude been forced upon them. one struggles to envision any sentient being enforcing against themselves. Do they choose to be chained to these symbols and preparations? Would they choose otherwise?

[jeni, poof]

[SEG 1.6 ]

And indeed, even the most benign exorcisms of the Christian, catholic, and Islamic churches is still just magic. There's nothing special about the sound waves produced during the prayers of an exorcism that forces a demon from his host, so some other force must lie in wait... waiting for the correct words to be uttered, so that he may drive away the malevolent spirit. But who or what is this other entity, and is it the same entity who enforces their compliance in black magic?

[SEG 1.7 ]

When looking for the Illuminati’s answers to these questions, one of the first books to emerge on radar is the necronomicon. Many authors have written a necronomion of their own, but the original was written by an Arab name Abdul Al-Hazred, and was later translated by Dr. John Dee in the 16th century. Many know John Dee as the founder of British secret service and the original 007, signing his memos to queen Elizabeth with "007'. Who was both her spy, and her astrologer. Abdul Al-hazed, the writer of the first necronomicon, was said to have written it in the 8th century at the age of 76, just before his death in Damascus.


[SEG 1.8]

One of the most interesting things about John Dees translation, as opposed to the other versions of necronomicon, or any books about black magic you'll find out there, is the apologetic tone in which is was written. Abdul al hazred hated the demons who enlightened him, feared for his body, feared for his eternal soul even more, and hated his deeds upon the earth. And stated such many times throughout the text. The universe described by this deepest-of-deepest insiders came straight out of the matrix.

[SEG 1.9 ]

A world where the soul and body can part and the soul can travel the universe while the body waits idle, and if either body dies while you're plugged in to the matrix, you're gone. A world where beings just outside of our sight feed off of the etheric energy of man, a world full of beings who live not in the spaces known to man, but the angles and spaces between. Beings called maskim who scavenge, ready to drag away the souls of the dead. Beings who live in timeless kingdoms beneath the earth and seas, and even beings amongst us, in human disguise.

[SEG 1.10 ]

The necronomicon also tells the tale of a spiritual battle. A tale where Dark gods, called the ancient or Old ones, are cast from heaven to the darkest place in the universe. The IGIGI. There, the long brooded for revenge against the stars of heaven for a battle long-lost, and ever await a celestial event. When the stars are right, Chulu their priest, and Azag-thoth, their leader, will lead the Ancient ones out of their prison. Chutulu, the beast of the apocalypse, will establish his kingdom upon the earth, from which he will lead an army that will bring war to the front door of god himself.

[SEG 1.11]

According to his story, his introduction in the world of magic and the unseen began on an rather mysterious night and terrifying night that he would later sum up in one word: Cthulu. He was walking through the mountains at night when he stumbled across a large grey stone, the size of a man, with three strange carvings on it. He decided to set up camp, start a fire, a fall asleep. He was awaken by the howl of a wolf, close at hand.Then, the grey stone began to raise slowly up off the ground. He then heard the sound of men approaching and hid behind a bush. several men in black robes approached the floating stone without fear, and began to murmur incantations. Slowly, large serpents, one after the other, rose from the ground beneath the floating stone.

[SEG 1.12]

Then, al hazred noticed the ground he's on has become wet and notices the fluid to be blood-like. At the realization that the ground beneath his hiding place has become blood, he reveals his presence to the black robed men. Casting their ritual into disorder, the mysterious priests begin chasing al hazred. After running at high speed for a short while, he eventually falls to the ground and notices that there are none pursuing him. Returning to the site of the stone, he notices the priests empty robes upon the ground. He uses a stick to investigate the robe, but it appeared as though the priests simply disappeared. He returned to his camp ground to find the large grey stone laying upon the ground, the large lizards were gone, and several empty black robes strewn around the camp site. Symbols on the grey stone were, however, still glowing.

[SEG 1.13]

From there, step by step, Abdul al hazred began to wander and dabble further and further into the occult. Eventually, al hazred would claim that he spoke to the souls of slain men and women who died at childbirth, watchers, live gods, dead gods, and even deader demons. He claims to have opened portals and walked into all the dimensions, and past all 9 gates.

[SEG 1.14]

During his travels throughout this dimension and others, his family and their livestock suffer unusual and suspicious deaths. Abdul Alhazred himself is said to have died in the streets of Damascus after being torn into pieces by invisible beings.


[SEG 1.15]

Abdul Hazred states that the arcane and ancient knowledge you're about to learn has been forgotten by all except for the worshippers of the ancient ones. What you're about to hear are the secret teachings of the Illuminati.



The spaces

[SEG 2.1]

An easy way to think of extra dimensions, and the beings that reside in them, is birds and humans. Because of gravity, humans are subject to a 2-dimensional surface. Bound to the surface of a fabric. A wall, 12 feet high or more, can block his way. A bird, on the other hand, would not be bound by a 12 foot wall, or a 30 foot wall. A bird would have to be contained in an additional way, and having access to the third dimension, so must their cage be 3 dimensional.

[SEG 2.2 ]

Now if you were to attempt to attack a bird, who is say pecking the ground for worms, he would be within your grasp, and forever in potential danger as long as he is less than 12 feet from the ground. Now there’s nothing special about the air above your head. And 12 feet left and right is no different than 12 feet straight up. They can both be easily measured in the same units, and contain the same combination of gases. So what’s different about 12 feet straight up, you don’t have access to that dimension.

[SEG 2.3]

Now there’s nothing mystical about the current location of the bird, and nothing mystifying about the direction he just moved. And there’s certainly nothing mysterious about a bird itself, aside from surviving the things they eat. It has the same needs, and similar vulnerabilities. It’s parts are what you would call material or, “real”.

[SEG 2.4]

This is a very easy way of thinking about ghosts and demons. The reason you can’t trap a ghost in a particular room, or even in the house, is the very same reason you can’t contain a bird in a prison yard. Having access to an extra dimension, the ghost will simply “fly over” the walls in your home, but from your perspective appearing to walk right through them.

[SEG 2.5]

So why do we lose track of a ghost when it flies in the direction we can't move? The direction the ghost is moving in is the dimension we call time. With access to the time dimension, even the thickest stone wall can be walked over as if it were an infinitely thin object, like a sheet of paper. 3 dimensional objects existing in a 4 dimensional universe will, whether perceivable or not, will be infinitely thin on one side. So the beings vanish, like a submarine vanishes from the those on boats as the sub begins to move in the direction the boat can not. And there's nothing mystical about a submarine either.

[SEG 2.6 ]

but this lofty viewpoint in the time dimension may have another effect, the perception of simultaneity .Imagine a man walking in the woods, and a bird flying 500 feet above him. Now there's a lake a mile ahead. The man can't see it, and so by consequence, the lake is 20 minutes in his future. But the bird can already see the lake. So what is the man's future, is already part of the bird's present. Equally, things and places that the man thinks are in his past, are simply a glance away for the bird.

[SEG 2.7 ]

Although it has a good view of other things that will be crossing your path by seeing what is heading in the direction of the places you'll soon be, there's no real way for the bird to know exactly awaits you at the lake. Also, events that are happening at distant places can be witnessed at the same time by the bird. Now a bird isn't smarter than you, it just has a better view of things, and access to an extra dimension, that's all. And that's how you should think of these beings, they are of varying intelligence, but do not believe their abilities reflect their intelligence, nor their moral nature.

[SEG 2.8 ]

Similar to the tradition of the Hebrew Kabala, the necronomicon speaks of multiple layers of realities. Similar to Einstein’s view of the universe, as a 4 dimensional sphere, equally the necronomicon's view of the universe. Where there are parallel universes, in layers both below and above us, and these universes are called spheres. Each of these extra dimensions must be accessed through a gate, and this gate is created during the ritual.


[SEG 2.9

The necronomicon speaks of seven sphere's outside our own and a gate to enter each of them. You must access gates in their proper order. For instance, you may not meet the sun god who resides in the 4th sphere until you've past the 3rd gate, which belongs to Innana, aka Ishtar, aka Columbia, aka the whore of Babylon. Each sphere is ruled by a different god, and you must open the gates in the correct sequence.

[SEG 2.10]

The structure of the universe laid down by Kaballah is a tradition that suggests the universe has many separate universes, and these are called Sephera. The Kaballah teaches that the whole universe is based on balance, and that every particle in the material world has a counterpart in heaven. Cabalists also believe that god has made previous universes, but those universes failed.

[SEG 2.11 ]

The necronomicon speaks of 9 gates total. the first seven are part of what's called the inner world, while the last 2 are called the outside. where the darkest of the darks entities live. In the movie The Nine Gates, with Johnny Depp, a book called The nine gate of the kingdom of shadows includes instructions for the first 8 gates of passage, the correct ritual to pass the 9th gate, however, is cryptically hidden in not one, but three books.


[SEG 2.12]

In the beginning of the movie, the viewer finds themselves going down a dark path, passing 9 gates as the pre-film credits roll. and, as you approach the ninth gate, you walk into illumination.

In the movie, the book "the nine gates of the kingdom of shadows" was based on another fictional text called the delominomicon.

[play, demo]

[SEG 2.13]

delominomicon sounds a lot like necronomicon. And, just like in the movie, abdul al hazred is conspicuously vague about the details of the ninth gate. It's quite clear that the book from the movie the ninth gates, The nine gates of the kingdom of shadows the ninth gate, is actually a reference to the necronomicon.

[SEG 2.14]

Al hazred hints that these beings we call demons, who live outside the mortal world, exist in strange-time. He speaks of the mortal world as a fast flowing river, and this motion is responsible for our perception of time, but the world of the jinn live in what he described as a still pond.


[SEG 2.15 ]

He states that the spirits live in an extra-dimension that is wrapped inside every point in space.

Beyond the Gate dwell now the Old Ones; not in the spaces known unto men but in the angles betwixt them.

[jeni, living space]

[SEG 2.16]

The worst demons have been banished to a place called the igigi. A place where, with their leader azag-thoth, they wait for the celestial event that heralds their coming. For a wizard to venture forth into the pit in safety, he must first sell his soul, and remove his name from the stars. These beings, called the ancient ones, did incredible evils on the earth, and were cast to the Igigi by the Elder Lords enki, anu, enlil, and marduk.

[SEG 2.17 ]

The necronomicon speaks of these spheres as if they are wandering. It leads on to the fact that when the fabric of 2 of these spheres touches, the beings and objects in those parts of the two universes can interact during that time. If these collisions are rhythmic, it may explain why certain beings can only be invoked on certain nights. Perhaps even the moon's weight may press upon the fabric of space/time, further closing the distance between our plane of existence, and another.

[SEG 2.18]

The necronomicon's Ladder of lights, with it's seven steps, is very similar to the kabalistic ladder, with it's seven steps. The cabalists even attribute the various steps on the ladder with the same planet the necronomicon does. A ladder with seven steps to the heavens also occurs in the old Persian and Hindu religion. Or what about the Masonic ladder, Ladder of Kadosh. Or Jacob's ladder from the bible.

[SEG 2.19]

Here's genesis 28:12.

And he dreamed, and behold a ladder set up on the earth, and the top of it reached to heaven: and behold the angels of God ascending and descending on it.

These gates are even referred to as seven seals, just like the seven seals from the book of revelation.

[SEG 2.20]

Another fascinating aspect of the book is the necronomicon's inclusion of a recipe for LSD, which abdul alhazred calls "space Meade.." The mixture is made from the soaking of crushed morning glory seeds in wood alcohol for two days. removing the mush created and allowing the residual fluid to evaporate, leaving behind a yellow resin. The mush removed earlier should then be resoaked in methanol, strained out again, and the resulting mixture allowed to evaporate, as was done before. He suggests that only 30 grams of this compound is enough to provide astral flight.


The Gods


[SEG 3.1]

The necronomicon is a real grab-bag of mythologies. Biblical, Babylonian, and Islamic symbolism and concepts are all drawn from freely. But the necronomicon's main parallels are Kabalistic and Sumerian. The gods, for the most part, are referred to in their Sumerian names.

[SEG 3.2]

First, the bad gods. Now the necronomicon doesn't always speak in a black n white manner regarding the morality of a certain character, god, or race; but most of the time it does. Alhazred never fails to mention when a certain god, demon, watcher, or race is hostile to mankind, and will give warnings proportional to the danger.

First, the evil gods..


[SEG 3.3]


Chuthulu is a character made famous by H.P Lovecraft. Many descriptions of cuthulu parallel the anti-Christ from the bible. Even alester Crowley associated Cuthulu with "The Beast 666". Like the anti-christ from the bible, cuthulu is said to be dead, but dreaming. And also similar to the antichrist, his idle body will rise from the sea and establish his kingdom upon the Earth. Cthulu is said to be asleep, his dead but dreaming body laying under the ocean, in a long-submerged city named R'Lyeh

[SEG 3.4]

Cthulu is one of the few gods who cannot be conjured but can, during ritual, possess someone who is present. From there, the possessed host will witness the dreams and thoughts of chulutu. Cthulu is considered the priest of the old ones, and one of their main leaders. The reason of chulu worships is only so that he will be partial to you when he rises from the sea and establishes his kingdom upon the earth.


[SEG 3.5]



[SEG 3.6]


Yog sothoth is an all-seeing eye kinda character. He is the key-master and gate between the worlds. He is described more specifically as the gate the old ones will return to earth through. It is said that all time and space is one to him. Beneath him, are 13 globes, or servants of yog-sothoth. these are demons, which after a ritual, will bestow one of many various gifts.


[SEG 3.7]


Then there's azag-thoth. The blind mad god. This god is described as extremely powerful, insane, a black-magician, and leader of the old ones. At the center of infinity, the center of the universe, he dwells with his multitudes. He is the lord of chaos, and once he is evoked, he is virtually impossible to put back in his lamp.

[SEG 3.8 ]

Al hazred warns against the summoning of this god. When the stars are in their correct places, and when our sphere nears the igigi, azag-thoth will lead the old-ones out of the abyss. This prophetic event has been witnessed in countless movies, its parallel in the book a revelation is when the bottomless pit is opened, and Apollo and his hordes of locusts ascend from the abyss and come to earth.

[SEG 3.9]

In Revelation, chapter 9 verse 1 we read...

and I saw a star fallen from heaven to earth, and he was given the key of the shaft of the bottomless pit; he opened the shaft of the bottomless pit, and from the shaft rose smoke like the smoke of a great furnace, and the sun and the air were darkened with the smoke from the shaft. Then from the smoke came locusts on the earth, and they were given power like the power of scorpions of the earth; they were told not to harm the grass of the earth or any green growth or any tree.

[SEG 3.10]

In movies like the day the earth stood still you have a horde of insects who go about devouring all that is man-made while leaving every green thing untouched.


This is azag-thoth and his horde.



[SEG 3.11]


Nyarlathotep was created as the massager of the ancient ones. He is said to be the go-between for humans and the abysses most foul gods. He is described as a shape-shifter with unspeakable darkness in his heart and countless faces. His most common nick-names are "Lord of the wood" and the "creeping chaos.”

[SEG 3.12 ]

For those of you who have seen Hollywood insiders full disclosure, you’re familiar with the joker character asmodeus, and his role as the go between for hell and earth. Repeatedly,. nyarlethotep is associated with chaos.

[joker, chaos]

This is, I suspect, nyarlethotep.


[SEG 3.13]


Next we have kingu, the military command of the demonic hordes . Humans are said to have made using the blood of kingu, and from this, comes the hole in man’s heart; humanity’s rebellious, demonic nature. It is due to humanities demonic bloodline, that we may wield authority over the demonic forces they lay outside. Marduk is said to have done this on purpose so that the covenant between demons and humans would be sealed forever. Now, the demons must answer to the one race they hate most; humans.



[SEG 3.14]


Tiamat is said to have been fighting the elder lords for ages, and spawned a multitude of creatures for her army. She is the goddess of the primeval depths, and also, that after being defeated by Marduk, she was torn in 2, these 2 pieces would form the universe w know. Tiamat has many servants among mankind.


[SEG 3.15]


And finally, Ereshigal seems to be another name for tiamat. In either case, ereshkigal is called the queen of the underworld, queen of the dead, and the queen of outside. She once imprisoned innana in the underworld, but was freed by IA, or Enki. She has many servants and even an army.

[SEG 3.16]


as for the good gods, first we have innana. Aka Columbia, Diana, Queen of Heaven, Mistress of the gods, Venus, and Istar. Although Alhazreh speaks of Innana in a mostly positive light, her character attributes associate her with the whore of babylon. Innana is said to the guardian of the 3rd gate. It is said that she descended into the underworld and conquered its denizens. Once her gate is passed, you may use her abilities even while in other spheres.

[SEG 3.17]


Anu is one of the elder lords who first went to war against the old ones, and sealed them beyond the gates. He is also one of the 3 great, and original watchers. Called the Father of heaven.


[SEG 3.18]


As stated earlier, IA's name is chanted in almost all of the ritual incantations. He is, along with Anu, and enlil, among the 3 great elder lords and the original watchers. IA is also known as enki, is the father of marduk, and handed down to humans the method by which to exorcise and banish demons. Anu, Ea, and another great watcher Enlil may be summoned and invocated in a fashion similar to demons.


[SEG 3.19]


Marduk is the son of enki, and reminds you of a chosen one. Marduk led the fight against the ancient ones, and defeated Ereshkigal. Marduk is the guardian of the 6th gate, and like Innana, can be invoked to protect you against any antagonistic entity. But Alhazred warns, that summoning if marduk is a great responsibility and to do so flippantly may be dangerous, because the priest stands to offend marduk. Marduk is responsible for sealing the magical contract with the demons by using Kingu's blood to form man. Marduk is said to have spawned a race of his own here on earth.


[SEG 3.20]


Shammash is the sun god, and guardian of the 4th gate. He, like the rest of rulers of the spheres, has forged a covenant with man and can be invoked.

[SEG 3.21]

Evil Seven

Alhazred, like in hebrew traditions, suggests that there are 7 main demons who act as workers of darkness in our world. They are neither male or female and are extremely inhumane. It is said that they stretch themselves out like chains, and are ministers for tiamat. They are referred to as the seven annunaki, extremely powerful in magic, and incessantly make trouble for mankind.





The Races


[SEG 4.1]


First, and oldest of the races are the elders , also called the Elder Lords, or elder things. These being's precede the existence of the Old Ones. This group has made a pact with man-kind so that we may call upon their assistance with magic. This group is ruled by the 3 gods: enki, enlil, and anu who would later spawn a race called the watchers. This group of gods live, according to the necronomicon, remotely, in the heavens. It was members of the elder race that trapped the Ancient Ones, in the bottomless pit..



[SEG 4.2]

The old One

Then there's the old ones, also referred to as the Ancient ones, or those from "outside" .These beings are demons to Christians and the jinn to Muslims. The Old ones were created, and came to earth, long before the creation of man. During this time, the necronomicon points out, the filled the planet with evil and corruption.

[SEG 4.3]

They erected great cities at the earth's poles. Their children, the nephilim began to cover the earth. They were worshiped like gods, and when the elder lords looked down from heaven, and seeing the corruption, the set their seal against the ancient ones, and cast them in the bottomless pit.


[SEG 4.4]

Wantonly the Old Ones trod the ways of darkness and Their blasphemies were great upon the Earth; all creation bowed beneath Their might and knew Them for Their wickedness. And the Elder Lords opened Their eyes and beheld the abominations of Those that ravaged the Earth. In Their wrath They set their hand against the Old Ones, staying Them in the midst of Their iniquity and casting Them forth from the Earth to the Void beyond the planes where chaos reigns and form abideth not. And the Elder Lords set Their seal upon the Gateway and the power of the Old Ones prevailest not against its might.


[SEG 4.5]

It is said, that their very sight is a blasphemy to the senses, because they come from a crooked world, were the shape of space is so warped that their very sight is painful to the eye.


but the sight of the Ancient Ones is a blasphemy to the ordinary senses of a man, for that come from a world that is not straight, but crooked, and their existence is of forms unnatural and painful to the eye and to the mind.


[SEG 4.6]

Today, the old ones still wait in the bottomless pit. Waiting for a celestial event where their leader azag-thoth, will lead them out the pit. This celestial event doesn't necessarily have to one that happens in our heavens, maybe perhaps this is the merging, or imminent collision, of our universe and another.

[SEG 4.7 ]

The conflict between the elder lords and the ancient ones sounds precisely like the story of ancient Atlantis versus lemuria. Both were nearly destroyed in their conflict, and the elder gods were quite weakened. Soon, the ancient ones will return to rule the earth, and humanity's days will be finished.

[SEG 4.8]

The demons are constantly treading about, looking for open gates because they long entrance to our world. Al hazred claims that the dead can summoned at almost any time, and unlike some of the stronger demons, may be willing to cooperate. hen there's the "maskim". These are like hunters of souls. They apparently drag away the soul after someone dies. They are led by their queen, Ereshkigal.


[SEG 4.9]


The picture Abdul Alhazred paints of spirits and demons is very similar to the version painted by Islam. The muslims call these demons jinn. Which is where the word jinni comes from. The muslims say that there are many types of jinn. Some are spirits, some dogs and snakes, some with wings and fly, and others look human. They say jinn come in both male and female, and emerge mainly at night.

[SEG 4.10]

Aside from the classical conception of a jinni, something else has worked it's way into popular culture. The making of a wish after seeing a shooting star. Muslim's say that when you see a shooting star, a jinn just got kicked out of the heavens, and cast back to our plane. this is probably code for a streaking UFO. Everyone knows that Jinnis grant wishes, so when you see a failing star, you've just seen a jinni, so we make a wish.

[SEG 4.11]

Jinns, like the Ancient ones from the Necronomicon, were created before mankind, and filled the earth with corruption. Like the demons of the necronomicon, they can be banished with incantations, and made to do that which is against their will. These beings can also survey the habitation of man without his knowing. And the muslims also claim that there is a pact, or contract between the jinn and mankind.

[SEG 4.12]

Al hazred claims that some demons feed off human emotions like food, and can actually become fat from death.

[play, they live]

The necronomicon also speaks of the mee-go. Agents of nyarlethotep, who come from the universe beyond the 8th gate, a place called yoggoth. Al hazred seems to speak about UFOs and abductions in one comment about the mee-goo.

[SEG 4.13]


[SEG 4.14]

this seems to reference metal vehicles that can travel to other spheres without astral flight. He also speaks about machines that are used to converse with the abducted.

[SEG 4.15]


[SEG 4.16]

Here is depicted what appears to be a machine, because it doesn't resemble the magical symbols.


[SEG 4.17]

The watchers

This group was sent by the elder lords, it is a spirit being whose duty it is to watch over you. Perhaps provided as a counterweight to the jinn, and their influence which is mainly detrimental. The christians call them guardian angels, the muslims call them the malaikah, but the necronomicon refers to them as the watchers. These beings you can summon for aid similar to the demons, and can assign tasks of protection to.

[SEG 4.18]

They, like the demons, demand sacrifice and ritual in order to invoke directly. If the calling of a watcher is done inappropriately, the watcher may turn on you and slay you. When conjuring a watcher, you must use symbols located on your person, or hand gestures, in order to remind them of the covenant they have sworn with our race, humanity.


[SEG 4.19]


the necronomicon claims that humans came extremely late in the game. Al hazred reiterates the incredible dangers that face humans from the world without. \

Al hazred also makes an interesting remark regarding possible construction method of the pyramids. He speaks of a race of human beings who called themselves the "thul".

[SEG 4.20]



[SEG 4.21]


and for those who have seen hollywood insiders full disclosure, you should know that abdul alhazred confirms for us the existence of vampires and even the ancient Sumerians, who predate all the vampire-legends of medieval Europe by thousands of years, had a word for vampire.


[SEG 4.22]


Al hazred makes mention that these teachings have been forgotten by the bulk of man, and only the worshipers of the ancient ones still retain them. Today, we call this group the Illuminati, the enlightened ones. A collection of tightly woven secret societies, with these teaching at their core.




[SEG 5.1]

Al Hazred says that places where one intends on doing a calling should be high in the mountains, and preferably near the ocean. The place should be remote and the further from the nearest person, the better,. The calling site should be clean. Any type of spirit may be summoned and detained until it answers your questions. The dead, the gods, and even the souls of the unborn may be summoned. He says that some spirits are not worth conjuring, for they may not have the intellect, sanity, or power to do as you command.

[SEG 5.2]

Al hazred warns that if you've done the ritual in accordance with its proper procedure, and the spirit or demon does not arrive, do not persist and finish the ritual quietly. If this is the case, it means the spirit is presently attending another ritual or off doing the work he was previously assigned. It's also mentioned that changing the ritual or symbols in the slightest may render them useless, or worse yet, create a broken gate to the outside.

[SEG 5.3]

He then goes on to discuss the proper etiquette for a demon summoning. He said that after the demon is invocated and present, wait for it to address you. After this, ask it to speak clearly, in a pleasant tone, in your native tongue. Also charge it to speak softly, so that its booming voice does not deafen you. Abdul recommends that you gracefully tell the spirit to contain its odor so that those present at the ritual will not faint.

[SEG 5.4]

Also remember not to make a sacrifice that is too large or too small. If too small, the spirit will be offended, if too large of a sacrifice, the spirit may consume too much and become difficult to control.


[SEG 5.5]

Al hazred claims that if you are opening a gate, as opposed to an invocation. that you will see the respective gate forming above the alter. He speaks of it as if it were a hole in space formed by the ritual that you physically hop into.

[SEG 5.6]

"but in the air above the altar whereupon thou wilt presently see the Gate opening for thee and the Spirit-Messenger of the Sphere greeting thee in a clear voice, and giving thee a Name, which thou must remember, for that is the Name of thy Passing the Gate, which thou must use each time thou passeth thereby. The same Spirit-messenger will meet thee and, if thou know not thy Name, he will forbid thee entrance and thou wilt fall to the Earth immediately"

[SEG 5.7]

In regards to banishing the spirits, al hazred offer this:

And it must be remembered that, after the questions have been answered to satisfaction, the Spirit is to be sent back to whence it came and not detained any longer, and no attempt must be made to free the Spirit, for that is in violation of the Covenant, and will bring upon thee and thy generations a most potent curse


[play, doors, monstertinc]

[SEG 5.8]

The necronomicon states that these spirits and demons are generally adverse to light, and will avoid sun and moon light. but on over-cast nights, or moonless nights, these demons are unrestrained and move about freely. They would certainly be satisfied to see a sky that was forever cloudy.


[SEG 5.9]

The "covenant" that's spoke about it is exactly what forces the compliance of the spirits, a subject touched on at the beginning of the video. Breaking what Al hazred calls the chaldean covenant is the damning of ones soul. He states that it was the unrestricted access to the gates that forced him to break this covenant. The moon is a symbol is this covenant.


[SEG 5.11]

Opening of gates to other planes of existence is called the walking. In this, your physical body lies upon a dais, while your astral body takes flight to walk among the stars. During this time, you must assign your personal watcher to guard over your body. He states this:

[SEG 5.12]

Know that, when Walking thus through the Sea of Spheres, he should leave his

Watcher behind that It may guard his body and his property, lest he be slain unawares and must wander throughout eternity among the dark spaces between Stars, or else be devoured by the wrathful IGIGI that dwell beyond.

[SEG 5.13]

Basically, if either body dies while you're plugged into the matrix, you're screwed.

He also recommends to go completely vegetarian 7 days before you go on your astral constitutional. And 3 days before the ritual of the body-trip, you should have nothing to eat at all, except juices. Having meat in ones system may effect the experience, or maybe it is best to have absolutely nothing inside the gut of a body you're about to take a trip out of.

[SEG 5.14]

Now many out there have seen countless celebrities doing this: the devil hand sign. This hand gesture is called the sign of "voor" and is one of 4 hand signs used during a satanic ritual. The sign of voor is used whenever someone wants to ask something of the Old ones, and the old ones only.

[SEG 5.15]

as you can see, 3 of these 4 signs have worked their way into popular culture. The second gesture is easily the most famous of all, and is called the sign of Kish. The sign of kish is used to break down the barriers and open a portal to the Outside. The 3rd is also rather familiar, a gesture made famous by Adolf Hitler. this gesture is called the gesture of Koth. It used in the ritual to seal the gate or portal that was created by the sign of Kish. The 4th is the elder sign, and apparently is used for general protection against antagonistic spirits and those who send magic your way. All of these gestures are intended to be done with the left hand.



[SEG 5.17]

The abilities that magic offers its users is vast and varied. Every spirit may not be useful, and some spirits are good at some jobs and are incapable of others. Each has their specific abilities, and respective symbol and ritual. Some spirits, like the mad god azag-thoth, are extremely powerful, and hard to control. Hollywood Insiders Dark stars covers many demon-granted abilities that countless celebrities have admitted to using.

[SEG 5.18]

And finally, to wrap it all up, here's a quote from alhazred concerning magicians:


[SEG 5.19]

These are rather strong words for an admitted black-magician, and are faithful to Alhazred's largely apologetic tone.

well friends, I hope you found this video eye-opening. I'll close by saying this: there should be no secret keepers of the truth, and that only the willingly ignorant and profane should remain ignorant and profane. The truth belongs to every mind that can manage to comprehend it. Because these truths have been withheld from us not out of mercy for our sanity,but to prevail over us, and rule in our place.

[SEG 5.20]

And now that I have shared with you a bit of what I know, it's your turn to share with others what you know. Take care, keep learning, and thanks for watching.


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